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I was born in February ’62 in South Yemen. Dad was a fifties hippy with very short hair. He wrote essays on communism and stuff when he was sixteen. He joined BP as a filing clerk, not really knowing what he wanted to do. One of the first things he did was redesign the whole filing system so no-one knew where anything was except him, which I thought was a good move.

He ended up taking this post in Aden, which is a bit like saying, ‘I’m going to the moon.’ It’s still miles away, but this was in the fifties. Aden was a British colony at the time; BP had a refinery there and they built a town, roads and a hospital. My mother went out later when she’d decided she was going to be a nurse in Aden. So you had two people separately saying, ‘I’m going to go to the fucking moon.’ So then they met and got married and I was the second kid to come along.

I have an older brother. His name is Mark: he’s a couple of years older than me. We’ve got a cinefilm of him running round playing football then poking me in the eye. There’s a great little scene of him, me and my mother, he keeps poking me in the eye and my mother keeps pulling his hand away…And my dad’s in other bits with the moustache he had at the time. Very 30-year-old. We left Aden in 1963. There was a revolution once we left…I’ve got to go back to Aden. My dad’s going to take us and show us everything.

We went to Northern Ireland and we were there until ’67 and that was great. BP had a refinery in Belfast and we used to go down there and hammer away on the electric typewriters. That was space age stuff to me. There must have been underlying political stuff happening but I was totally oblivious to it. I was going to primary school and drinking these third-pints of milk and the biscuits you’d get at break times and just drawing pictures of our house, Mum, Dad and stuff, and being in a gang and throwing mud balls at passing cars. Everything was being built then and they were constantly building bungalows, so we used to climb all over the roofs of them and pour water in all the cement mixers so it would all harden.

It was an immensely age-spread gang, from four to eleven or twelve. It was just the kids who lived on that street – Ashford Drive in Bangor. Some of them ended up joining the army. But it was a great time. And my mum was alive. I go back there and I remember it all. Asking for sixpence for ice-cream. Running like an idiot and then falling over and smashing my whole front tooth. There was blood and stuff and a lot of yelling but it was actually quite a neat tooth, with a dunce’s hat-shaped root coming out of the top of it. I kept it and gave it to my brother as a cufflink from a Plasticraft set, along with a toenail. This is how sick I could be. A bench had fallen on his foot, and a similar bench had hit my foot several months before, and so we had matching smashed toes. I don’t know what happened to my toenail but his was preserved in this box so I thought, I’ll put these two, my tooth and his toenail, in cufflinks and give them to him as Christmas presents. He was horrified. I couldn’t work out why. I think he’s still got them. They’re these big chunky Plasticraft, blue-based things, one with a toenail and one with a tooth. I now think it’s a work of Dadaist brilliance but my artistic career began and ended there with the horrified expression on my brother’s face.

So, yeah. Northern Ireland. I left in ’67 and moved to South Wales, near Swansea – a place called Skewn. That was very different to the essential green and rain and running around Northern Ireland. I went back when I was 14. I said, ‘I’m going to cycle from Sussex to Wales. I want to lose weight.’ But my dad gave me some money and a Little Chef map, which was the worst map to give me. I cycled from Little Chef to Little Chef, eating the maple syrup and ice-cream and orange fruities at petrol stations and going to farms and saying, ‘Can I sleep in your field?’ They’d say, ‘Yeah. Here’s a bit of water,’ and I’d get woken up by cows who were just looking onto the tent scaring the shit out of me.

When I cycled back the smells were so distinct they immediately hit me. The industrial smells of South Wales are incredibly strong. And there was that bit of the A48 as you go along from Cardiff along the M4 – it used to be a motorway, motorway, motorway, then traffic lights. Traffic lights?! There’s traffic lights on the motorway! It just changed to an A road for a stretch then back to a motorway.

But my mum died when I was there. March ’68. So that was a killer, and rejigged everything. Before my mum died, they decided that me and my brother should go off to these boarding schools, because I think my dad had just got a career going, Having gone to Aden and whatever, he’d been promoted.

My gran used to work in a biscuit factory and cleaned houses and my granddad drove buses, so that was a very working-class background. They were from north Bexhill, Sidley. I’ve gone back and done benefits there. No hot water, no bathroom, baths in front of the fire, an outside loo, that’s what my dad grew up in. He decided me and my brother should go to boarding schools. A single-parent male, that’s how you keep it all going.

So I was six when I went off to boarding school. There was a four-year-old kid there I felt sorry for: he was still wetting the bed. I think that my child-like character that appears in my stand-up now was locked off at six. But my brother and I were both there, which was better than just one of us. It was down in Porthcawl, a place called St John’s School. It’s like a desert island. There’s beaches down there: it’s very duney. I actually went back there and played a street performing gig as part of a Labour Party get-together outdoor something or other. Porthcawl had this funfair and a whole lot of stuff I didn’t even know about. There’s a Butlinsy feel to it which I found quite surprising because I didn’t remember that when I was there.

I was a hustler. I would sell crayons in the school yard. ‘You need crayons. What if you get stranded on a desert island?’ How are you going to write a message? Crayons.’ I’m actually quite fascinated in a very sad way by retail. I wanted to run a shop. You used to be able to get a little shop with those Hornby train sets and in the window it had all these things like Kellogg’s cornflakes and tins of soup and stuff. You could look through the door and there was stuff happening inside…I wanted to sit in that shop. I like supermarkets. I just like hanging around the aisles, and new things going up – ‘What would I like today? Ooh one of those…’ It’s a bit like Spinal Tap – ‘Shoe shop… I could run one of those.’

We had a radio at school in Wales. I remember hearing Tom Jones’ Delilah on it and Those Were The Days by Mary Hopkins, and it was a bit like hearing it from Mars. It was an old radio of my dad’s from Aden I’d borrowed, so you’d tune in and you’d hear sounds from outside. At school you would sometimes get to go to this church on a Sunday, and when you’re six it seemed like going miles, even though it’s just down the road. And there was this village playground with a door with a grating in it, which had scary steps going down to a well, where the devil lived, we all thought. You looked down into it and thought, where the fuck does that go? And there were these dunes and a caravan park which we’d walk through which would take us down to the sea, which was kind of cold and chilly, and there were lots of these yellow plants growing on the dunes which had caterpillars on them.

We never saw anyone in the caravan site, because we were never there in the holiday season. There was a locked-up centre at the caravan site, with arcade games in it. And there was a Dalek in there that you were supposed to get into and move around in. We had these horrible sandwiches and what they called lemonade which wasn’t lemonade, it was some cheap stuff, and you’d have to bury your sandwiches in the sand because they were disgusting.

The food was awful, and I had a real food problem, a real basic palate. My brother was eating Indian food and I could only eat potatoes. That’s why I wanted to be in the army because they were always peeling potatoes and I thought, well, I like potatoes, so…And this school served macaroni with warm milk, I mean, what the fuck was that? I’ve never seen that since. And the best meal they had – they would take you down to the swimming baths on a Thursday and you’d come back and have sausage and chips, and that was fantastic. There were some meals that you just looked forward to…they had compulsory tea drinking and I hated tea. But sausage and chips was the one meal I could eat.

We went on these school outings when I was at school in Eastbourne. I remember seeing On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. I really rate the Australian Bond, George Lazenby. I love the film he’s in; I am alone in that. But I challenge anyone to look back at it and say what is so bad about it. The fight sequences are great – they put amazing sounds in, like they’re fighting with planks of wood. These really heightened noises. Diana Rigg is fantastic, I like the skiing, I like Telly Savalas, I like the music… I knew ‘We’ve Got All The Time In The World’ could be number one. We used to get points, a school merit system, and they had sections. Everyone was in different groups and whichever group won the most points got an outing, and we’d win it year after year, and every year I didn’t know what was going on. It was nothing to do with me, but every year I was just going on these outings, thinking, cool…but I haven’t really helped with this. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service was the film on one of these trips.

When I was seven I entered the sack race on sports day. My dad said, ‘Put your feet in the corners and just run.’ So I did and went steaming down the track. There’s this picture of me going through the tape going, ‘Yeahhh,’ fucking leagues ahead of the next guy…The next guy had just changed from his leaping style to a running style, because the sacks were too big and you could get a full stride in. I won a blue football. So that was me and my dad working together.

My dad’s good. I think we’re quite similar. We’re a bit emotionally compressed; we don’t get too elated by things because we’ve had bad stuff happen and more shit could be just around the corner. But we don’t get too depressed either. We quite like pootling around but try to be more windswept and interesting, as Billy Connolly always said.

Now we work together sometimes in the community centre in Sidley the place where he grew up. My grandmother helped start it in about 1949. She taught me and my brother when we were at the kindergarten there. It’s in Bexhill, East Sussex, where Spike Milligan was stationed during the war. He was on a lookout on top of Galley Hill, waiting for the Germans to come. I sold ice-creams at a kiosk at the bottom of the hill, and I used to cycle around looking for the places where he was stationed. The Delaware Pavilion, is where I sold sausage, egg and chips and cups of tea to old ladies: Spike played there, and I ended up playing there.

I did a stand-up gig in Sidley. I took a Hollywood searchlight, like the ones used to sweep the sky for bombers, The last time these things were in Sidley was in 1942, wartime. We got permission – but the police were phoning up, going ‘What the fuck’s going on?’ – and everyone was driving in from ten, twelve miles each way because they could see these lights in the sky. People kept driving up and saying ‘What’s happening? Can we come?’ It’s nice working with my dad. He’s treasurer at the community centre.

In 1969 we left Wales and went back to live in Bexhill. We went to school in Eastbourne – again, it was this boarding school thing. The first one was called St. Bede’s, right at the foot of the South Downs. The Downs has steep banks with loads of bomb craters because the British planes coming back from missions would jettison their bombs on the Downs because they couldn’t land with a bomb load, something like that, I don’t know. We used to play in the craters.

I used to play a lot of football. At that time I lived for football. I just ran my arse off, playing left half and then right half. I was in the first team. I wasn’t the best or the most gifted but I was good when the ball would go past our goalie and I’d be there to head it off the line. And when the guy was running ahead with the ball and he was bringing his foot back to kick it, I’d just put my foot in and knock it away from him. I’d do those things. I couldn’t kick the ball in the goal to save my life. I was scared of getting up there in case I tried and missed in an open-goal situation and then everyone would kill me. So I just used to do the good pass for someone else to knock it in. They used to read out the names of the people in the first team in school assembly on match day – ‘OK, get your kit and off you go’ – and you’d stand up and walk out. It was great. I loved that.

But the second school in Eastbourne didn’t fucking play football. What a crap decision. They played rugby, hockey and cricket and in the sixth form you were given an option of doing football. It was treated like pottery or martial arts. So I gave up on sport really. I thought it was stupid not playing football. My brother had already gone to the school, so I knew about it. You accept it.

At university, I thought, hey, I’ll get back into playing football, but I was clearly five years out of practise. I was treated like shit by the people who played, because I couldn’t kick a ball anymore. And it was no good with other sports. Cricket, the ball always tried to hit me. Hockey I liked but some guys could just look at the ball and fbam! – shoot it somewhere. I worked really hard to try and get good with the backs of hockey sticks and stuff but I couldn’t hit it like the best guys. I was in the football first XI at thirteen, though. Played 14, won 11, drew one, lost two. I almost played for my town. I was a reserve on the team. Eastbourne v. Seaford. I could have played.

My dad tells us that the 1966 World Cup was on television, and he was saying to us, ‘You’ve got to watch,’ and me and my brother were saying, ‘No’. ‘You’ve got to watch it’s the World Cup – it’s 3-2 – it’s 4-2…’ And we were still saying, ‘No’ and sticking bits of lego in our ears.

Supporting Crystal Palace is a bit of a trial. What Crystal Palace do is go up to the Premier League and then go back down again. They have relegation battle. My dad goes to every home match and me and my brother go along too. We sit in the stand where my uncle used to sit. My aunt and uncle used to live across from the ground. We’ve sat there since 1969. I like Crystal Palace. Terry Venables is back again. Maybe our time will come. Somebody said to me, ‘Is it too strong to say Crystal Palace are a joke team?’ I said, ‘That’s too strong. You have to die for that.’ With stand-up comedy I’m probably doing some things where people think, how the fuck are you doing that? It’s the same with football – how the fuck do players put it in the goal like that? When they do these penalty shoot-outs, I look at them and think, I couldn’t place it with that power.

I wanted to be a professional footballer. I didn’t think I was going to make it, because I didn’t seem to be that good, but I really loved it. I know people don’t equate football with transvestism but the fact is, there’s got to be a lot of football players and football fans and people in the army, navy, airforce or driving forklift trucks who are TVs, because it’s male tomboy. It’s kind of like, male lesbians because we all fancy women as well. But if you embrace it, you get certain gifts from the feminine side.

I tried to get into plays at school but I couldn’t because they were convinced I was crap. Maybe I was. I would audition but never get a role. I learned the clarinet for the wrong reasons. I was trying to play the piano but ended up playing this clarinet and I had to be in the school band. They put on a musical, Oliver! Or something, and I had to play the bloody clarinet. One kid at school’s dad was a semi-pro actor and my big treat was I would hand him his hat and his cane. It was my big ‘My God, I’m almost in the play’ thing.

So from the age of seven I really wanted to act and I did really weird things to try to get into it. I did Joseph and His Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. The choir at the school was doing it, and I wasn’t in the choir, so I hung around them and lifted things and pushed things. And eventually I was in it, and I even managed to get a solo line out of it. We did a version of Beauty and the Beast when I was seven and I was a street urchin. The street urchins combined had one line – ‘Oh Beauty, don’t go’ – which, when the line came up, I used to say really quickly before everyone: ‘OhBeautyDon’tGo.’ All the other kids would go, ‘Oh…he’s said it.’ So I would make it my own line. Upstaging…Because the chorus at seven was bunch of dopey kids. ‘There’s a star…’ ‘Wha…?’ ‘There’s a star…’ ‘Wha…?’ ‘you’re a shepherd.’ ‘Am I? Oh yeah…’

There was a flu epidemic when I was seven so I was not only in Beauty and the Beast, I was a shepherd as well. So I was in two plays. I was a featured shepherd. After that the parts were very lean. I couldn’t get into any of the big musicals - Pirates of Penzance, or any of that stuff.

They did Julius Caesar and I played Trebonius. Of all he conspirators against Caesar, Trebonius is the most boring. One, because his name sounds like trombone and two, because there’s a line where they go:

OMNES See, Trebonius knows his mark, for look how he leads Mark Antony away so that Mark Antony will not be there when it all gets really tough with Caesar and we stick all the plastic daggers in with the syringe of blood attached. So that means Trebonius won’t have a plastic dagger and a syringe of blood because he’ll be standing in the fucking wings when it happens.

I wasn’t on stage. I’m just in the wings with Mark Antony going, ‘Ah, they’re doing it with the old plastic daggers.’ There’s ten conspirators and nine of them are on stage stabbing Julius Caesar and there’s one in the wings, going:

TREBONIUS I’m not fucking there.

They used to take photographs in dress rehearsals and there’s all these conspirators with their plastic daggers, except for one kid who’s got the syringe full of blood facing the camera. One kid called Caldwell, who was…shot.

I did get into one thing, though. I always liked comedy, and when I was twelve I got my first laughs. We did this revue in a class taken by a teacher called Sam Grey. He was kind of different. Apparently he got married and he had this motorbike trip around South America planned so he went and did that instead of a honeymoon. Watergate was happening at the time and he used to read the tapes out to us. He told us how to say ‘breast’ in French.

And Sam Grey did this revue, and we were doing all these sketches we’d written and I got distinct laughs on a solo bit. It was a mime thing. This guy was bowling to me and I was supposed to be a cricketer and I was batting the ball away with supreme confidence and arrogance, looking for the ball in the distance then realising I’d smashed the wicket. I remember thinking, hey, I’ve got laughs here!

And then I discovered Peter Sellers. My dad had his records and I remember trying to do the accents. Trying to do an Indian accent before I thought, this actually gets me into a difficult area, because if you do different ethnic accents from around the world it can look like you’re taking the piss. I do a routine about the Welsh guys carving Stonehenge and I try to make sure I’m not taking the piss. There’s these rather effete druids and the Welsh guys are going, “You fucken basstards!”

So I was at St Bede’s and…yeah. I was very fit then. I did a lot of running about. The sea is at the bottom of the school and the Downs are at the side. We used to get up at seven o’clock in the morning and walk through the sea to the reef. It would cut our feet to shreds. You’d hear large booms in the middle of the night, where an old World War Two mine had hit the cliffs. The School chef was a coastguard and he used to have to go out and make sure there were no others. When I was there, a searchlight would pass across the bedroom window every night from Sovereign Lighthouse. I used to go to sleep with wshhh – this flash of light going past the window. Which you got used to.

We had the coal strike as well, which was great. Lessons would end and there was no food, so we had to eat crisps. We were making tents and putting candles under the bedclothes.

I like things that work, even in difficult circumstances. I like doing gigs, even when I’m fucking dying. I’m trying to do a website and I want it to be real cutting edge. I like pushing things like that. We do merchandising on the tour and I want to make the t-shirts so they last. Quality.

So, St Bede’s. It was a good place. The head teacher there was a decent guy but he had a strong thing about not putting me in plays. I went back and harangued him recently: ‘You didn’t let me be in any plays.’ ‘Oh, I’m sorry.’ ‘But you didn’t let me be in any plays!’ ‘I didn’t know…’ ‘Why not?!’ I have a big love if the South Downs now. They’re kind of bonkers. On the north side they don’t have any cliffs, they just slope off like a big-steep-forward-roll-possible-all-the-way-down type of hill.

At thirteen, I went to Eastbourne College, but I had to take the first Saturday off because my dad remarried, which I thought was fun. I missed French. ‘Sorry I missed French last week, my parents got married.’ In my first year I was taught about the slide rule. They said ‘The slide rule is important. Without it you can do nothing. The slide rule is the modern weapon of efficiency. With the slide rule you can get from here to the stars. Buy it, use it – your slide rule!’ Within one year it was, ‘Burn the slide rule. The calculator can add up with none of this fucking sliding the shit around and working out where that bit in the middle goes. Smash it over your head.’

I had a nice plastic slide rule and everything slid up and down and you would put this bit there and move that bit up and – ah! Approximately 1400. Some it couldn’t do it, and it would just approximate things. I saw a film where they were all going round in spacecraft and they were doing it all with slide rules. ‘How far is Pluto?’ ‘Approximately 1400, sir.’ At my first Eastbourne school a fifth of the pupils were girls. Maybe a quarter. At this school, there were no girls for three years, and then there were girls. So it was just…odd. At sixteen there were girls again but only one girl to every ten boys, so packs of spotty boys would follow these girls around and carry their…everything. Literally put them on a litter and carry them around. So I didn’t talk to girls for a whole year. I thought, ‘I’m not going to be able to pull. I can’t say I’m in the first team. ‘Only by the end of the year I had started using my wit. I could say, ‘Yes! I am from outer-space!’ Or some such shit.

I believe in co-education all the way, although boys benefit more. Boys tend to say to girls, ‘You’re not working, are you?’ and put them off.

At my last boarding school, they had compulsory cadet things. This was all marching about, running about on hilltops hiding from people and going ‘Bang’ It seemed like a great game of Cowboys and Indians, if not terribly real. I was brought up on these books about the war. I know war is hell, but I sort of wanted to be involved in that struggle. It was something to do with not taking in the reality of it all, but the derring-do. Derring-do? That sounds really crap – but the running jumping climbing standing still part of it, that was the reason I wanted to be in the army, The reality is that apart from the Second World War, most wars are politically messy. The Second World War was straightforward, ‘These guys are bastards and they’re trying to invade everywhere. Let’s stop ‘em and let’s defend our country.’ So I link up on that patriotism.

I went on a special course, where I was kind of disillusioned, because I didn’t do very well. I was in this group and we weren’t winning things, until we did orienteering, which I was great at from the Scouts. There’s a whole logic of map-reading: you take a bearing and then you’ve got to follow that bearing even if you think you’re going wrong. Because even though the compass is pointing in one direction, you tend to think, this isn’t the right fucking way, but then you’re just lost. So with orienteering we did all right.

We did an ambush exercise. We were all in the back of this army truck going along. There were three trucks, and they stopped. One guy who had done this kind of thing before, said ‘It’s an ambush! Run for it!’ So everyone leapt out of the trucks and started haring out into the undergrowth. And then some sort of colonel type came by and said, ‘Look, you’re not supposed to run away! We’re back in Blighty.’ ‘No, you’re not. You’re all caught. And you have to go to the concentration camp.’ We got taken to a ‘concentration’ camp. Concentration camp’s a big word for it. It was like a walled, barbed-wire, enclosed area, and we were all supposed to crouch down on our haunches, so it gets really achy on your legs, with your hands behind your head. And then we worked out, ‘We’re supposed to escape from here, ‘so after a while somehow some of us got out. And then these soldiers would chase you, shooting blanks at you, and you had to try and hit them with bits of wood. It was all very basic.

There was this paratrooper guy there and I tried to talk to him. I said, ‘So what’s it like being in the army?’ and he said, ‘Fuck off.’ So I thought, well…I appreciate you bringing me on and encouraging me. There was this other kid who had been on this cadet course. He got promoted and I didn’t. I just thought, this is kind of arbitrary, isn’t it? I knew that I’d done just as well as him. Because I thought the idea was if you showed willing and went on this course, you’d get more stripes and all this kind of stuff.

In fact, I’d bought a set of colonel’s pips. So I used to walk around with colonel’s pips on and a handgun I’d bought in France – it was like a starting pistol. We went on exercise on the Downs and they said, ‘There’s going to be an ambush today, you’re going to be ambushed’ – which is great, so we went out with .303 Enfield rifles, waiting to be ambushed. And before we went, I was doing all this action with the rifle, loading it and unloading it and stuff, until I broke it.

I had broken my gun, so I had a large rifle that didn’t work, and this pistol, and my colonel’s pips. So I got there and we were all just wandering around, waiting for an ambush – and then, ‘Ambush!’ And so everyone gets down on the ground and we’re shooting away, they’re ambushing us and we’re ambushing them. We’ve all got things that go bang, basically. We’re going ‘Bang bang’. And they’re going ‘Bang bang bang’, and we’re going ‘Bang bang bang bang’.

After a while, we start thinking, we’re not getting hit doing this, so we start standing up and going ‘Bang bang bang’, Obviously this would make us die in real life – but we realised we weren’t actually killing anyone, so we started shooting at anyone. I just went around with my pistol, shooting at my own people. Bang bang bang – a crazy afternoon.

They said, ‘All right, you’ve done very well in that, except you’re all dead and you all cheated. Now you’ve got to get back into Eastbourne without getting caught by, I don’t know. Nazi storm troopers or something. So do it by the cunningest, method you know.’ Everyone was going around the Downs, so me and this guy called Paul Wedge went down to a bus stop and got on a bus, when the schools were emptying out at about four o’clock. So we took a bus into town with a load of school kids as our way of getting back. Which I thought was the initiative thing; the SAS thing. We were sitting there with rifles and uniforms, surrounded by kids all staring at us. We made our way back and got in early.

It was a weird time. I was driving parallel ideas. There was no way you could be a comedy performer in the army. The ENSA thing didn’t really happen. I was talking to Billy Bragg about it. Billy Bragg’s the only person who’s been on Top of the Pops who can drive a tank.

The SAS was advanced running, jumping and standing still. Blue berets and very secretive. They were all self-sufficient so if one member of a platoon got killed, then the others knew what to do. It wasn’t like, ‘Oh, he was the explosives guy. We’re going to have to do explosives without him.’ ‘I don’t know about explosives. They go bang, don’t they?’

But it wasn’t making any sense to me because I just wanted to do comedy. There was just an idea that performing comedy was crazy, but as I got closer and closer to sixteen, I just thought, this is possible. I wasn’t running around anymore, so I wasn’t fit, and I didn’t get promoted so I thought, bugger that.

And after the course, I obviously thought, if merit isn’t rewarded then, fuck it, I’ll go and be a transvestite.

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Let us plan an event that will create buzz long after the event is over. It will be talked about and remembered as being one of the most upbeat, unforgettable moments in your company's history. Corporate events don't have to be boring, stuffy affairs when you hire Locolobo events Entertainment to secure your talent and plan the show. Everything is contractual with our company. We are bonded, insured, and experienced at negotiating rates and terms with managers, agencies, and talent. Our reputation is of the highest quality, and we can provide references to support that. Our track record speaks for itself--when you hire Locolobo events Entertainment , you have access to big-name talent at great rates. Call us today to discuss your next corporate event.

Corporate Party Planning
Corporate party planning can seem like a daunting task unless you hire a company that specializes in it. When you work with Locolobo events Entertainment , you'll be getting top-notch entertainment at an affordable price. Not only that, but you'll also be hiring an experienced company that specializes in corporate party planning. We can handle every last detail of your event so you don't have to worry about a thing.

Providing your employees with a great party boosts morale and lets your employees feel special. Giving them a chance to relax and feel appreciated will enhance your reputation and build buzz for months afterward. We will help you select the right talent for your audience. We have years of experience matching talent to the personality and culture of your corporation.

Why take on the stress or risk of corporate party planning yourself? Hire us and you will be pleased with the results. We can secure any talent you want, from tribute artists to top-name celebrities. We are bonded and insured and will hold your payments in escrow, releasing them according to the contract we agree to with you. While our reputation speaks for itself, you might want to check out any of our hundreds of references who can tell you how well we deliver.

Expert Corporate Party Planning for the Event of the Year
Corporate party planning is a detailed job that requires expertise. We stay on top of things to ensure your party will be the best your company has ever had. Hold a private concert, exclusive speech, or elite comedy performance. From planning to promotion, Locolobo events Entertainment will ensure that your party is the event of the year.

Corporate Event Ideas
If you are looking for corporate event ideas, look no further. Locolobo events Entertainment is dedicated to matching the right talent to your event. We plan every detail of your event, working with you to ensure that your guests will be happy and the event will be profitable for you.

Our years of experience have given us lots of corporate event ideas for future events. We know what different types of crowds will respond to and which talent is right for your audience. Whether your event is a concert for thousands of people or a small private speech, we can provide the entertainment you need to make your event a success. We are mediators who are not affiliated with any particular artists. That means we can negotiate contracts and terms with any artist you wish, working for you. We have links to many agencies, managers, and artists to secure the appropriate talent you want, from local artists to world-class celebrities.

Different Corporate Event Ideas
From festivals and fairs to exclusive VIP cocktail parties, Locolobo events Entertainment is your source for corporate event ideas. We plan and execute your event, from invitations and promotion to equipment and supplies. Our expertise ensures that your event is unique and highly rated, without being outrageous.

Talk to our references to find out how we've helped them in the past. Then, speak to us to learn how we can make your event as good as theirs. We strive for perfection and won't stop until you are satisfied. Corporate events are elite, exclusive, and private. We'll help you make them unforgettable, too.

Event Planning Companies
At Locolobo events Entertainment , we know that you can choose from many event planning companies. Why choose us? We are experienced, have an unbeatable reputation, and access to nearly every celebrity out there. Trust us to make your event memorable. We have a reputation as the most dependable event planning company in the industry.

Many event planning companies promise a lot and don't deliver. We produce for our clients--just ask any of the hundreds of satisfied customers we've worked with. We have produced many successful shows from festivals and fairs to comedy shows, private concerts and VIP meetings. Don't be fooled by other event planning companies. Only Locolobo events Entertainment handles your event from start to finish, helping you keep your employees satisfied and helping you profit from the event.

Locating Knowledgeable Event Planning Companies to Plan it Right
Event planning requires a lot of attention to detail. We let you focus on your core business while we plan your event. From invitations to marketing to the color of your tablecloths and napkins, you will not have to worry about a thing.

Call us today to start planning your event. During your free consultation, we'll ask you many questions about what you hope to gain from the event. We can provide unique ideas to make your event special, while incorporating your vision for the event. Let us plan your corporate party and negotiate the talent contracts, and people will be talking about it for months to come.

Corporate Event Management
Allow Locolobo events Entertainment to handle your corporate event management and take the work off your shoulders. We have years of experience in the entertainment business and are affiliated with LocoLobo Events, a team of highly successful event planners. We have expertise in entertainment as well as in professionally managing events from start to finish. For your classy corporate party, invitation-only concert, or private lecture, Locolobo events Entertainment delivers.

Whether you are looking to serve a crowd of thousands at a sporting event or boast a smaller, more exclusive guest list, we will tailor your event to the culture of your company and the personalities of your guests. We know how to read crowds and understand what they want. We can select entertainment based on their preferences to create a truly memorable outcome for all your attendees.

Locolobo events Entertainment for Corporate Event Management
With top-name entertainment, professional marketing, publicity spots, and a well-planned evening, you can be sure that you'll receive excellent attendance at your function. We will find the perfect location for your event, coordinate food and beverage and seating arrangements, and then negotiate the best rates on talent. We'll have a comprehensive plan for executing each and every fine detail of your affair, ensuring its success.

Corporate event management does not have to be a headache when you allow us to handle it. Imagine your guests having the times of their lives and talking about your party for months afterward. That's the kind of response you will get when you leave your corporate event management to us.

Special Corporate Events
Special corporate events keep your employees motivated and raise morale. They are used to thank people for a job well done, to celebrate success, and recognize individuals who have helped the company move forward. Special corporate events such as awards banquets, company picnics, and holiday parties let everyone enjoy camaraderie and strengthen both friendships and management-employee relations.

At Locolobo events Entertainment , we specialize in creating memorable events. Planning any type of company event requires a significant amount of time and attention to detail. If you lack the expertise or staff to handle the amount of work involved, allow us to plan your next event. Not only do we have a full staff with years of experience, but we also have connections to the best name-brand talent available. Host a corporate party with celebrities, tribute artists, comedians, and celebrity speakers, you'll give your attendees an event that is truly meaningful.

Planning Special Corporate Events with an Event Management Company
Using an event management company like Locolobo events Entertainment will help you determine which type of special corporate events to host. Depending on your marketing strategy and business plan, you might benefit from a motivational speech for everyone or a special recognition luncheon for a select few stars on your team. We can help you figure out which events will have a lasting impact, and handle all of the planning and execution, too.

Special corporate events are not just memorable for employees and guests. They can be very profitable for you, too. Contact us today to discuss your needs, and we will show you how events like these can build relationships and help your company profit.

Corporate Event Organizers
Hiring corporate event organizers like Locolobo events Entertainment ensures that your event is a success. By working with us, you will make the party planning process smoother and easier on everyone involved. Event planning requires a significant commitment of time and attention, and if your event fails, you'll hear all about it from your supervisors. Why put tremendous pressure on yourself when you can leave the planning to the professionals?

A great benefit of using corporate event organizers is that we know how to read audiences. At Locolobo events Entertainment , our experience has taught us how to gauge crowds to give them what they want. Doing this allows us to provide just the right entertainment, the perfect theme, and activities that everyone will enjoy. We will help you select a location and a theme for your event, as well as plan appropriate activities for your particular attendees.

Hiring corporate event organizers for your corporate party planning needs, outdoor festivals, or fairs can also bring in higher profits. We have connections to top-name entertainment and can book anybody you choose. We negotiate the best terms and rates with booking agents, talent managers, and even the entertainers themselves. Promoting your event in advance will build momentum and encourage early ticket sales, increasing demand which, in turn, increases publicity. You can see how this cycle clearly builds profits.

Book Bands through Corporate Event Organizers
Hiring top talent need not be challenging. If you need help planning your party and hiring top-level talent, turn to Locolobo events Entertainment . Let us show you how to make your function a highly profitable, smashing success. Contact us today to discuss your vision for your next corporate event.

Corporate Event Planners
For your next corporate meeting or celebration, hire Locolobo events Entertainment as your corporate event planners. We have direct connections to name brand talent, we do not represent any one artist, so we can offer low booking fees and pass the savings on to you. Trust us to handle your event and your investment and you won't be disappointed.

Hiring us to be your corporate event planners can mean the difference between a tedious meeting and an exciting, unforgettable gathering. If you lack the staff or time to devote to event planning, it will show. Hire Locolobo events Entertainment and your guests will know you took the time to plan something they will really enjoy.

Why Hire Corporate Event Planners?
Your goal is hosting the perfect event, and we can help you attain it. Working with your vision, we will tailor the party to your guests and your company's culture. We will take into account their preferences for activities, themes, and entertainment, and put it all together into a smoothly-running, seamless event that looks like it was a breeze to plan.

It may look easy, but you know the challenges of creating a flawless event. Allow us to be your corporate event planners and handle every aspect of your event, from venue selection to food and beverages, tent rental, booking talent, and promotion. When you put your trust in us, we will handle your VIP function with the utmost care for the best outcome. Ask any of our hundreds of references why they chose Locolobo events Entertainment , and you'll see for yourself why you should choose us to plan your next special corporate event.

Corporate Event Services
Corporate event services like Locolobo events Entertainment eliminate the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors and spending large amounts of time each day planning each aspect of your corporate party. Your VIPs deserve a professional approach to their special event, so we are the logical choice for event planning services. Whether you have your own staff or want us to do it all, we are flexible and will accommodate your needs.

If you want to take your corporate meetings to the next level, contact us today for our corporate event services. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have, and put your mind at ease because you can trust us to plan your party. Our years of expertise in a diverse range of special events ensure that we'll deliver your message in a way that your audience will believe it and accept it.

Locate and Hire Corporate Event Services
We are thorough in all of our planning, and have a reputation for being reliable and honest. We are happy to provide references so you can see how we have helped other companies like yours in the past. From securing top-name talent to developing themes and concepts and handling catering, we will execute a corporate event that is unique to your company and perfect for your budget.

We also have ready access to entertainment, from local artists to world-famous celebrities. Whether you need to book a band for a private concert or hire a motivational speaker to keep your employees enthusiastic, we have connections throughout the industry. For your next special event, choose corporate event services from Locolobo events Entertainment .

Corporate Entertainment Online
Arranging for corporate entertainment online is a convenient way to book bands or comedians for your special evening. Locolobo events Entertainment can provide bands of any size and genre, DJs, comedians, or specialty acts. We can also provide tribute artists, look-alikes, or whatever your guests would enjoy. No matter what your event requires, we can make it happen. Give us a call and let us work our magic.

Private Functions Made Easy with Corporate Entertainment Online
Whether you are celebrating a special anniversary, corporate milestone, or are throwing a private birthday party for your CEO, finding corporate entertainment online makes your life easier when it comes to event management. Our connections to any talent you desire will impress your audience and create treasured company memories, stories that will be talked about around the water cooler and relayed to future employees.

No matter what your budget, booking corporate entertainment online is easy. Locolobo events Entertainment can supply a range of themed celebrations and will make sure that you are satisfied with the arrangements before anything is executed. Simply fill out our online form to tell us the type of entertainment you are looking for, and we will respond with our ideas and suggestions (including talent suggestions). We will do all the groundwork so you can focus on your core business. Event planning is a major undertaking if you want to do it right. To impress your guests and even profit from your private functions, allow professional event management companies to handle the planning and entertainment. Don't risk leaving out important details or forgetting a step in the process. Instead, trust the experts. Call Locolobo events Entertainment today to start planning your exclusive event now.

Corporate Entertainment Companies
Locolobo events Entertainment is one of the leading corporate entertainment companies, serving satisfied clients nationwide. We know that the success of your event depends on the entertainment you choose to perform for your guests. Whether you are holding a seminar to train employees or a motivational event to build camaraderie, the entertainment often determines how well the audience perceives your event.

How to Hire Corporate Entertainment Companies
When you hire us over other corporate entertainment companies, you are getting a full-service events management company. If you have the staff to plan your party, we will work as your business partner with suggestions and ideas and will handle the legwork. If you lack the staff or time to plan your event, we can do this for you as well.

We will help you select the right entertainment for your guests, whether it is concert promotions, a DJ, other types of music, or comedians and celebrity impersonators. For top-rate entertainment that's affordable for you and your employees, turn to Locolobo events Entertainment . We will be happy to give you a free consultation to discuss the type of entertainment you are looking for.

Allow us to handle your event and see the difference that professional corporate entertainment companies can make. Instead of fretting over endless details and worrying about how your audience will react, leave it to us. We have been doing this for years and have a great reputation in the industry. Contact us today for your free consultation.

Live Corporate Entertainment
Live corporate entertainment gives your guests a chance to let loose. After a few days of intense seminars or a season of hard work, celebrate their success by providing live corporate entertainment for your guests. How often do your employees get to dance with each other, relax, and just have a good time at work? Reward them with music, give them a hearty laugh with a comedian, or help them stay enthusiastic with motivational speakers.

Book Live Corporate Entertainment Online on the Internet
Locolobo events Entertainment has been providing live corporate entertainment for years. We are mediators in the field, not representing any one artist. Because of this, we can offer you lower booking rates. We negotiate the best fees among booking agencies and talent managers, then pass the savings on to you. The result is a successful, profitable event for you and your guests. Ignite their senses and provide excitement and energy among your audience. Live entertainment is far superior to anything taped or filmed. The interaction with live performers simply cannot be replaced. The sights, sounds, and vibrations produced by live entertainers are something special and much more likely to be remembered.

Let Locolobo events Entertainment book live entertainment for your upcoming function, and see the difference we make. From local artists to celebrity talent, we can book anybody you want and will deliver for you. We follow our contracts to the letter, ensuring that our clients are satisfied with our services. Just ask any of our references why they hire us time and time again.

Corporate Entertainment Events
Corporate entertainment events are the lifeblood of any organization. Without giving your employees a fun break every once in a while, they can become unmotivated and listless. To increase productivity or to recognize top achievers, corporate entertainment events are key. At Locolobo events Entertainment , we specialize in booking talent and customizing events to meet your needs.

Corporate Entertainment: Events of a Lifetime
We have a wide variety of entertainers and event ideas that can be tailored to your specific guests. From team building speakers to musicians, DJs and comedians, we will make your exclusive event one that will be remembered for years to come. Contact us today to discuss your requirements, and we will get back to you quickly with ideas for success.

In addition to corporate entertainment events, Locolobo events Entertainment is a full-service event planning company with a superior reputation in the industry. For years, we have been handling events such as corporate parties, VIP functions, awards banquets, conferences, and trade shows with success. Instead of fretting over the endless details, allow us to do the work for you.

Reading crowds and knowing what activities work for each audience is another area we specialize in. What management thinks will be fun is not necessarily right for your audience. For example, at company picnics, you will need activities for children as well as adults. A black-tie affair has its own entertainment needs. Contact us today and we will get started finding the right entertainment for your next corporate party, outdoor festival, or state fair.

Corporate Entertainment Packages
Locolobo events Entertainment offers corporate entertainment packages at a reduced price. Imagine having a private concert with Big name talent, or inviting major entertainers to speak to your board members. When you hire us, we can book any talent you seek and produce a unique event that matches your company's personality.

Corporate Entertainment Packages at Reduced Rates
Whether you are an experienced event planner or this is the first special event you have been involved in, we are here to help. Locolobo events Entertainment is your partner in special event planning and corporate entertainment packages. When you hire us, you will be assured that the talent we book for you is appropriate for your audience. For example, we will not hire comedians who may offend your audience nor will we book a band that plays the wrong music for your audience's age group.

Our corporate entertainment packages provide you with the best entertainers for any occasion. Our experts are experienced in providing top-notch talent that knows how to entertain everyone in your crowd. From food and beverage to site selection, concert promotions, and ticket sales, we will plan your event from start to finish.

Let us be your partner in event planning. When you work with us, you'll see the difference that hiring a competent management company makes. Don't risk planning a party that falls short of your expectations. Be known for planning popular parties when you throw the event of the year

Unique Event Entertainment
Executives are often faced with the seemingly daunting task of securing unique event entertainment. While this job can be delegated to a corporate meeting planner, it is often the VIPs who have the final say. Knowing how important event entertainment is, can help sell you on the idea of budgeting for this necessary investment.

Unique event entertainment is one of the most crucial aspects of events, as it gives attendees a chance to unwind and rejuvenate. It may come in the form of a motivational speaker for a keynote address or a comedian to entertain your board members. Team building and training are also more successful when the information is imparted in a fun way that doesn't seem like learning.

More Information about Unique Event Entertainment
At LocoLobo Corporate Events, we have a broad range of popular speakers who are knowledgeable in their fields and have gained the life experience necessary for success. They are both entertaining and informative, often sharing personal stories that audiences can relate to. Successful speeches are remembered long after attendees return to the office, so let us help you choose the right speaker or unique event entertainment.

We don't only book talent, however; we are also a full-service event management company with a superb track record. So if you'd rather outsource the endless details of event planning than overburden your staff, contact us for a consultation. We can provide you with ideas for successful events, based on our experience with current and previous clients. We have helped many Fortune 500 companies realize the dream of enlightening event audiences with informative entertainment, and we'll do the same for you.

VIP Events
Companies are finally catching on to the notion that VIP events are good PR (public relations). Private parties for your best clients, invitation-only hospitality suites at trade shows, and entertainment for your executive board all leave your guests feeling appreciated. They establish goodwill and encourage future business.

No two VIP events are alike, nor should they be. Event planners are forever searching for ways to make them memorable for their guests. The best event is one that gets talked about long after the event. However, it's not an easy task to make them as good as you want them to be.

VIP Events Specialists
Here at LocoLobo Corporate Events, we are specialists in booking entertainment for VIP events. We will work with you to find the best talent for your event, whether you want music, comedy, motivational speakers or need to book a band or particular entertainer. We work on your behalf to negotiate the best pricing and terms for your occasion and handle all the contract details. That leaves you free to mingle with your guests and show them a good time.

The right theme and tone of your event can make all the difference in how your guests perceive it and whether they have a good time. Finding suitable talent that's appropriate for your audience is just one piece of the puzzle. With so many details to keep up with, it's best to leave it to the experts. Contact us today to get started on a fun-filled corporate event that will be treasured by all who attend.

Comedians For Corporate Events
What can Comedians do for a Corporate Event ? Comedians bring a smile and can lighten anyVIP Party! LocoLobo Corporate Events, an event talent agency that has access to any entertainer, speaker or comedian you may want and will guarantee the best service because we seek repeat business.

Maybe you want to book a band AND a comedian? Why not? We can handle any event!

We do not represent any one person so we can negotiate with comedians, management or agencies, depending on who represents them. We work within your event budget to match appropriate comedians and performances with your guests. You probably already know that comedy has a therapeutic effect that actually improves health. Think about how hiring comedians for corporate events will break the ice at your next event and encourage friendly networking and deals to take place.

Companies That Hire Comedians for Corporate Events
Other clients who hire comedians for corporate events are also available as references, so your meeting planner can call and hear about us directly from our clients. We've handled hundreds of corporate parties, executive banquets, awards dinners, private gatherings and VIP-only events. We'd like to help you, too.

We make it easy for executives like you to make decisions about which comedians to hire. If you lack the staff to plan your corporate event, our Corporate Event Planners can act as your outsourced meetings manager, too. We will plan your meeting from start to finish, including obtaining comedians and booking bands. So let us book your entertainment, and take the burden off of you.

Famous Performers
Event managers and corporate executives are constantly seeking ways to make their "special events" truly special. You might think that hiring famous performers is way out of your league, but that is not necessarily the case. Talking with a qualified talent agency that has a vast array of experiences hiring celebrities is a definite way to find out. Whether you regularly host VIP-only events or only produce them on occasion, booking famous performers will pay off in the long run. Name recognition as well as the exceptional talent that is a given with fame will give your guests something to talk about. And there is no better way to make you look good than by people spreading the word to their colleagues.

LocoLobo Corporate Events is a talent agency that can book any famous performer you want. If you don't know your audience's taste in entertainment, or you don't know who you would like to hire, take heed. That is a situation our specialists deal with daily and we will be glad to help you narrow down your choices with regard to performer, program, theme, and budget.

We do not represent any one person so we are able to negotiate with other agents and managers to secure the date and performer for you. In addition to entertainers, we can also book keynote speakers, motivational speakers, lecturers or experts for your next seminar, convention, or trade show. Our services include recommending the best talent for your individual events, negotiating and acheiving your financial goals, researching prospective talent, and arranging a site if you don't already have one. Call us today to learn more.

Famous Comedians
Famous comedians can add humor and pizzazz to an otherwise dull meeting. They also offer entertainment and comic relief during conferences, when everybody is weary from all-day seminars. Comedy is a great way to impart wisdom as well as to break the ice at business functions. However, many meeting planners fail to utilize this valuable resource.

Famous Comedians and Your Bottom Line
Offering a comedy event with famous comedians is a sure way to keep your attendees feeling energetic and give them a chance to unwind a bit before more seminars. Famous comedians offer name recognition as well as top-quality talent--they wouldn't be famous if they were not exceptional at what they do. When you host a famous entertainer, word of mouth marketing works harder than usual to increase your event's profits.

There are a lot of details to consider before booking comedians. Meeting planners who are already overworked would benefit from the services of a qualified speakers' bureau and meetings management company. At LocoLobo Corporate Events, we have a huge database of famous comedians, motivational and keynote speakers, bands, authors, and other entertainers at our disposal. We have a long history of satisfied clients and we can book the perfect talent for you, too.We guarantee the best service for booking comedians and other entertainment and speakers. We seek repeat business so we work within your event budget and help you get the best ROI. We're eager to become your event management and talent specialist.

Corporate Performances
Corporate performances demand attention to detail when planning. Knowing your objectives for your meeting and the corporate entertainment you want will go a long way toward succeeding at the event. Ask yourself why you are holding the meeting and why you want an outside performer to be at your event. Then you will be able to give better direction to your planning committee when it comes time to book talent.

At LocoLobo Corporate Events, we have helped hundreds of corporations like yours meet their objectives in corporate performances. We save our clients thousands of hours of time researching talent and narrowing down the list to finally choose appropriate talent. Whether you need celebrity acts or regional flavor, we will help you evaluate your needs and make suggestions for the corporate performances that will work for your event.

Impressing VIPs with Corporate Performances
Well-known acts not only entertain, they impress guests as well. If your objective is to reward employees or make an impression on your VIPs, a private concert with a celebrity band is well worth the investment. Music, comedians, or magicians each work best in different situations. Tell us who comprises your audience and describe the theme of purpose of your event. We'll do the rest.

Music For Corporate Events
Music for corporate events is something that executives and meeting planners agonize about unnecessarily. While it's true that the right music sets the mood for a memorable evening, choosing the soundtrack is best left to somebody else. The booking agency you use to find your talent should be able to coordinate musicians, travel, and entertainment programs, or you risk wasting your time with them.

At LocoLobo Corporate Events, we have a long history of helping our corporate clients impress audiences with appropriate music for corporate events. Rather than asking you to choose the type of music that will satisfy an audience that varies in age, taste, and style, we'll instead help you decide on the type of mood you want to create with your music. The result will be a party that impresses all!

Setting the Mood with Music for Corporate Events
For example, whether you want to host a rock concert or provide a backdrop of jazz music for dinner makes a substantial difference in the entertainment we suggest. Aside from singers, bands, and individual musicians, we also suggest DJs for our clients. DJs are not limited to the type of music they play and can offer lots of sound when you are short on space.

Top Quality Music for corporate events does not come without a price tag. Our discerning clients are willing to pay for 5 star national acts that we can acheive for that special event. If you're looking for local flavor to entertain audiences that come from all over the world, local and regional acts are also available. Allow LocoLobo Corporate Events to be your partner in showcasing musical entertainment at your next large-scale corporate event.

Famous Entertainers
It's no secret. Famous entertainers raise attendance and bring in the big bucks while providing attendees with a once-in-a-lifetime chance to be in the same room with their favorite celebrities. Before you call LocoLobo Corporate Events to book your talent, evaluate your goals for your meeting and the results you want to achieve.

Think about the issues that are facing your industry and how a keynote speaker, musician, or comedian can help your audience overcome them. You may or may not really need outside speakers or famous entertainers. Your in-house people might be better at dealing with the challenges facing your industry. If you have a low budget, by all means, inside people are the best.

What Famous Entertainers Do for Meetings
Of course, if there are difficulties that need to be addressed, outside speakers and famous entertainers can offer objectivity and ease the blow of delivering bad news so that insiders can work on the issues. For example, if your company is going through reorganization, you might hire speakers to talk about team stress and overcoming adversity. A comedian will take the edge off the seriousness of your meeting and help put everybody in a more relaxed mood.

Hiring famous entertainers can turn your ho-hum meeting into a unique chance to meet a celebrity in a cozy setting. It not only impresses your guests, but will also send a message that your company is financially stable. When a famous performer appears at your event, it gives your company an air of significance. When you are ready to book a famous act for your corporate party, contact us at LocoLobo Corporate Events.

VIP Entertainment
VIP entertainment makes your guests comfortable and adds a sense of lightness to your events. After a long day of intensive seminars or a grueling day on their feet at your trade show booth, attendees will appreciate being treated to a special VIP entertainment event. Magicians, comedians, and even actors appeal to a wide variety of people and help break the ice at networking events.

LocoLobo Corporate Events specializes in bringing the best VIP entertainment to your corporate event. A relaxing atmosphere for travelers will make all the difference at your function, particularly if people are coming from long distances. They might not know other people so entertainment can make them feel included and capture their attention.

With our Corporate Event unique ingenuity, your VIP events will never be boring. We provide interesting entertainment that is creative and fun for all your guests, whether your crowd is large or small. Interactive performers like comedians or special event entertainment, keep your guests participating and draw them into the event. When they participate, they'll remember the originality of the performance long after it's over.

VIP Entertainment Generates Buzz for your Company
VIP entertainment from our Corporate Events company also gives you great publicity and helps generate buzz. Host a function before a trade show to get people talking all over the trade show floor. They'll repeat your company name many times over as they retell their stories again and again. Spend the time choosing unique entertainment to keep your event in the front of everybody's minds and keep them returning for more.

Convention Entertainment
Good convention entertainment can make or break your convention and music really brings a crowd together. Knowing which type of music is best for your audience is not simple. It's better to decide instead on a particular mood, such as dancing, dinner music, or soothing classical music. Music can be the focal point of an event such as a concert or it can provide a background for mingling at a cocktail party.

The Right Help Hiring Convention Entertainment
When you are looking for convention entertainment, don't overlook booking agencies. These convention entertainment resources can handle the details for you.

A leading agency is LocoLobo Corporate Events. We have been helping Fortune 500 companies plan successful, entertaining events for many memorable years. When you really want to impress your guests, allow us to do all the legwork for you. We provide event planning services to give you the best convention entertainment you can imagine.

Rely on us to fill in the background information you need to obtain entertainment and provide demo tapes for you to watch(in some cases). We will also negotiate contracts from pricing to transportation. Save yourself the trouble of overloading your meeting planners and allow LocoLobo Corporate Events to be your booking agency for convention entertainment and any of your other needs.


Our agency is bonded so that you can feel secure and safe when planning and booking special talents, musicians, D.J.'s and live entertainment on line.

We are fully
and bonded
      Corporate entertainers offer far more to your audience than you would think at first glance. At an intimate venue such as a corporate VIP party or smaller meeting, a celebrity band or sports figure may be onstage just a few feet away from the audience, an experience that will thrill your attendees. Motivational speakers are able to offer inspiration or impart wisdom to your company's best asset: people. Comedians can help your attendees to unwind after a long day of meetings or break the ice among strangers.
      At, our talent pool is practically bottomless. We are mediators, so we do not represent any one artist. Instead, we represent you, the client, to bring you the best prices and most profitability for your event. Fully insured and bonded, we can negotiate among artists, their agents, or their management teams. We will handle the details so you can focus on your business.
      We offer peace of mind as a bonus! We understand that you have other tasks to handle, so allow us to take care of the entertainment. When you hire, you are hiring experts with a successful track record and hundreds of satisfied clients. For more information, please continue to browse our site, or feel free to contact us with questions.
      We at LocoLobo Events are mediators. This means we do not represent any one artist. By doing this are we able to concentrate on using our expertise, entertainment buying power to get you the best possible deal, negotiating between artists, management companies and agents. We represent you, the client, to bring you a joyful and profitable experience.
      We are committed to providing a comprehensive and successful production. Because of this we are able to bring first time inquirers, as well as seasoned promoters, a profitable outcome for your venue, corporate party, fundraiser, wedding, festival, fair or any special event.
      We are the largest entertainment mediator corp in NY state, so let Locoloco Events fulfill your dream! Fill out our Find Talent Form and one of our professional mediator agents will contact you promptly. Don't hesitate to call us for some free advice. Let's get the show rolling!

Locoloboevents is a mediator company, designed for the purpose of Booking Entertainment for the interested Talent Buyer. We cannot help you contact particular artists and we do not have schedule or other information about particular artists. Fans should refer to official artist websites for such information.

Let us help you with our skills as a: Artist Booking Agent, Band Booking Agent, Business Event Planner, Casino Entertainment Booking, Celebrity Booking Agent, Corporate Entertainers, Event Planning And Production, Fundraising Entertainment, Music Booking Agent, Resort Entertainment Booking Agency, Special Event Entertainment, Talent Booking Agent.

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