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BOOTY BANDIT Futuristic Funkateer BOOTSY COLLINS takes it to the stage. by ADAM KEANE STERN Who would have thought that when a skinny teenager from Ohio named William Collins decided he wanted to become "freaked out," the result would be the only-in-America entity known as BOOTSY? Through his work with James Brown, Parliament-Funkadelic, and his own Bootsy's Rubber Band, he is undoubtedly one of the most important figures in the evolution of the electric bass guitar. Superhero of Funk, self-proclaimed "Black Casper" and Prophet of The One, William "Bootsy" Collins has been tearing the roof off the sucker for close to thirty delirious years. The glasses, the star imagery, the glitter, the mammoth Space Bass - Bootsy strikes a note of recognition in all but the most oblivious music fans. Even your neighborhood Klan member would have to love this guy. As he described himself in his 1978 #1 R&B single "Bootzilla," Bootsy is "the world's only rhinestone Rock Star doll."

What becomes crystal clear in trailing the history of Bootsy Collins is that while his steps seldom came from design, they carried him towards a vision that was indelibly locked in his mind. From his earliest experiences in bar bands, Bootsy's mission was to simply take his music to the people and have fun doing it. Born (1951 10 26) and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, William and his guitar-slinging older brother, Phelps, played music together from childhood. By 1969, their teenage Pacemakers (featuring Phelps "Catfish" Collins (his brother) (guitar), Frankie "Kash" Waddy (drums), and Philippe Wynne) were appearing in bans and clubs that legally shouldn't even have allowed them through the doors.

Luckily, Cincinnati was still a bit of a music town, its heritage supported almost entirely by the stubborn survival of the legendary King Records and its only remaining star, James Brown. The presence of James Brown Productions offered hope of discovery to aspiring Queen City talent and, sure enough, The Pacemakers caught the eye of Brown's production manager, Bud Hobgood.

Having just endured the break-up of The Capps, another local band Brown had nurtured for several years, Hobgood viewed the young combo as a handy replacement.

They quickly received a wide variety of recording assignments, backing up artists as diverse as gospel diva Kay Robinson and jazz crooner Anthur Prysock.

While grateful for the experience, Bootsy and his gang were more impressed with their access to James Brown's own sessions, where such veterans as Bobby Byrd, Fred Wesley and sax star Maceo Parker took them under their wings. Brown reacted by renaming them The New Dapps and putting them on club tours backing Hank Ballard and Marva Whitney. But nothing could have prepared them for what happened next.

It was March 9, 1970. The funk vine quickly spread the news: James Brown lost his entire band. Disgruntled and burned out, the musicians had confronted Brown with a list of ultimatums just before a show in Columbus, Georgia. Instead of mulling over their demands, Brown called his Cincinnati office and set his staff in motion: "Mr. Patton," he told his agent, "you gotta find Bootsy and those kids now!"

Bob Patton tracked down bassist Bootsy Collins and his band, at a dive called the Wine Bar. Veteran JB sidekick Bobby Byrd made the call. In a matter of hours, a teenage band that had only briefly toured behind Hank Ballard and Marva Whitney was on its way to Columbus in Brown's Lear jet.

Bootsy : We were rehearsing one afternoon at the Wine Bar on Gilbert Avenue and all of a sudden we got a call from Bobby Byrd At first I thought It was someone trying to play a joke but sure enough it was him. He told me they needed us right away and that he'd be there in 45 minutes to an hour Don't worry 'bout a thing, just come like you are, he said. So I said "Okay, cool". I told the fellas what was happening but nobody really believed me until he picked us up and took us to the airport. We flew to Columbus, Georgia, on James Brown's private jet and went straight to his gig. We didn't have any idea about what was going on. Once inside, Bobby tried to rush us past the band and into James's dressing room but the first person I saw was Kush (trumpeter Richard "Kush" Griffith). He was standing over James and he wasn't smiling. I knew then there was gonna be some serious trouble that night. I thought "Oh, man what have we walked into?"

The idea of us playing with James was so incredible, we didn't know which way to turn until he came and kinda settled us into it. The crowd was chantin' because the show was late. We didn't have any rehearsal and James just called the songs off. I remember the crowd was pretty much into it and the way James pulled it off, I don't even think they knew what was going on.

One gets the sense that in a weak moment Bootsy might admit to not really knowing what the audience picked up on that night. After all, he could barely comprehend the significance of having just replaced his own mentors. In fact, when quizzed about his first months on the road with Brown, he has trouble recalling where they played.

Every town was pretty much just a town. Being with James, the music was more important. It wasn't the town. It wasn't the people. It was James we were in awe of. Our whole thing was just that we were getting ready to do another show with the Godfather! Using Larry Greham of Sly & The Family Stone as a prototype, 18-year old Bootsy commandeered the rhythmic edge of the band. "Bootsy had a different concept of playing his instrument," says Starks. "When he would sit in a groove, everything on you moved."

That wasn't all. Bootsy's enthusiasm turned "gawky" into a statuesque stage presence, giving his boss a natural foil. He soon became one of the only bassists to earn a solo spot in a James Brown Show. "I was just happy to be around," Bootsy told me recently, the enthusiasm still in his voice. "James was our hero. To be up on stage with him was mind blowing."

The new groove did wonders for the standard Brown repertoire

James Brown gave Bootsy and his pals a college degree in show business, introducing them to international touring (Africa and Europe), posh night clubs (the Copacabana and the Latin Casino), legendary vaudeville houses (the Apollo Theater) hectic one-nighters and the occasional television appearance. Oh yes, over the course of nine months they also recorded "Sex Machine," "Super Bad, "Talkin' Loud And Sayin'Nothin", "Get Up, Get Into It, Get Involved" and "Soul Power"óall undeniable soul classics. Unfortunately, that wasn't all. After a while they started learning what had driven their predecessors away.

Just like James was growing through our influence, we were growing too. The games he played didn't work anymore but he doesn't wanna play any other games. If you won't play the games he likes to play, he starts lookin' for people who will. I just knew it was time to try something else.

That something else was to gather a new group of pals in Mama Collins's basement and form The House Guests. Leaving the Godfather's regimented organization was an emancipation in more ways than one. Adopting the Carnaby Street fashion they had discovered in European clubs, the band's new garb was as colorful and unique as their amalgamation of funk and rock.

By the summer of 1971, The House Guests were financing their own records and hustling an expanding itinerary of club gigs. If an over-eager promoter or club owner (such as those who ran Pittsburgh's Post 755} chose to advertise them as "James Brown's Band" they didn't exactly go out of their way to tear down the posters. In fact, they might have hung them up in the first place. We did dates all over Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Kentucky and Tennessee. We were booking them ourselves so we'd try to get to a town a few days in advance and put up posters. It worked

Pretty soon we started hearing about Funkadelic -this other group people said was wild and crazy just like us. So l started spreading the word that we'd like to crush them on stage. lt got where we heard about them so much we were actually trying to track them down just to prove who was the best band.

Finally, we wound up in Detroit but we had run out of money. Our luck turned when we met a singer named Mallia Franklin at the Love Club. Thank God for Mallia. She and her mama had a storefront with several rooms upstairs and they put us up while we tried to get work around Detroit Then Mallia took me to meet George Clinton.

Having lost their original name in a courtroom, George Clinton's doo-wopping Parliaments remade themselves in 1968 under the name of their back-up band, Funkadelic. Now, several albums and a cult audience later, the band had fallen apart amidst drug problems and professional jealousies. Almost overnight, The House Guests joined organist Bernie Worrell and Memphis guitarist Harold Beane to become the very band they had been chasing.

We were supposed to have gone out with them as The House Guests but it wound up that we were Funkadelic. Since that went against what we wanted to do in the first place, it had a lot to do with us not being there too long. It seemed every place we went the veterans were in a complaining mode and we were just havin' the time of our lives until we'd get in and see what was happening -then we'd have to move on.

Back in Cincinnati once again, the band took on the name Complete Strangers, cut a single for a short-lived local label and spent an otherwise uneventful year. Growing disillusioned with the toll of hanging posters and sleeping on floors, Bootsy turned to writing as a means of building a foundation for his career. Along with Phelps and Gary "Mudbone" Cooper, a singer they'd recruited in Baltimore, he compiled a collection of demos that led him back to Detroit and George Clinton. Motown was gone but Detroit was still enjoying a busy studio scene when Bootsy settled there in 1973. Choosing not to limit himself to Clinton's camp, he sought outside work and ended up on a bevy of sessions over the next two years, including Johnnie Taylor's "Disco Lady." Meanwhile, his contributions to Funkadelic and the recently salvaged Parliament were gaining in prominence -first an uncredited bass line on "Cosmic Slop" and then his co-writing of "Up For The Down Stroke," the record that put Parliament back on the charts.

Working with Clinton in the studio proved a lot more gratifying than sharing the stage. Collins played on and co-wrote more than half of Parliament's Chocolate City album and three songs for Funkadelic's Let's Take lt To The Stage. One of the latter was the hysterical "Be My Beach" which introduced the Bootsy vocal persona that would be the prototype for his own project.

l was cutting the track and George wanted to try something different I was really just sitting there joking -saying whatever came off the top of my head- and he built the whole lyric around it. I think It was the best time of our chemistry because George was really into the studio. Even when I was jokin', he paid attention. He would let me go way out as far as I could go and then he'd tie into it and make it better. l don't care how spaced out or high he was, he was there. He was in there like l was. We were on the same level. It was great.

It was this camaraderie that eventually led Bootsy back to the bandstand. Aher convincing Collins that the time was ripe for a solo project, George quickly got him a deal with Warner Bros. Late in 1975 while the funk mob was putting the finishing touches on Parliament's Mothership Connection, they began cutting tracks for Bootsy's own album. All that remained was to put together a band.

Initially known as Bootsy's Early Sunn, some of the casting was obvious -brother "Catfish" on guitar, Frankie Waddy on drums, Mudbone and Leslyn Bailey on vocals. When Clinton had wanted horns for the first time, Bootsy had reached out to Fred Wesley and Maceo Parker. Now it was only logical to ask them to contribute to their former protege's first album. To round out the group, Cooper suggested keyboard player Fredrick Allen and singer Robert Johnson from his old band in Baltimore.

At first it was just Bone, myself and Leslyn. She was a writer from Cincinnati who was kinda wild and freaky -I liked her style. She did the record and the first few gigs but I didn't know how to handle a girl on the road. As for Fred and Maceo, l got high just looking up on stage and seeing them with me. Those were my heroes and for them to come out with a new band was unheard of. Next thing l knew they found Rick Gardner and were all staying at my house, this dump in Walnut Hills. Fred and Maceo stayed on the third floor, the other guys on the second floor, and we rehearsed in the basement.

If assembling the band seemed effortless, so did making the record. "Psychoticbumpschool" evolved from an unreleased House Guests track called "Be Right Back". "I'd Rather Be With You" and "Vanish In Our Sleep" were written while "trippin' on a first dose of thinkin' I was in love" during the period with James Brown that Bootsy refers to as his "acid days."

The album's first and most successful single was actually an afterthought. Still searching for a marketing concept on which to hang his new act, Clinton was about to turn in the record when he convinced Bootsy that they lacked the one song that could effectively introduce the band to radio programmers. George said "We need a commercial hit in this LP" but l wasn't even thinking like that. l had no idea what a hit was but l respected his opinion so we went back into the studio with Gary Shider and Michael Hampton and cut a track with a drum machine. Before l overdubbed real drums, I forced myself to think of the beats I had heard when I was in Africa with James. Those drummers were so deep.

We didn't have a name for the song at that point It was one of those things where I happened to say, "Man, we're stretchin' out on that one." And George yelled "That's it! Stretchin' out -in a Rubber Band!" So that's how we got the song and the name of the band. Once the album came out, I wasn't thinking about it much. I was never trained to think about a record I didn't know if that record was gonna make It -I just knew that I had to have one.

I came from the school of depending on the stage to show people who I was, so my real concept was about getting them to come out and see me. I started taking gigs opening up for P-Funk for $500 a night when my name wasn't even on the marquee. But none of that mattered because l knew if people could see usówe'd make it. The band was my ace in the hole. l never even got a sense of when the record started hitting except for the fact that after a while people began knowing who l was. But it took time.

The band spent most of 1976 making it apparent to P-Funk's audiences that as intriguing as their album was, it fell short of preparing anyone for Bootsy's Rubber Band on stage. Despite their newness to the record buying public, these were savvy professionals and they cleverly compressed everything they knew into a ferocious 45-minute set.

This collection's concert version of "Psychoticbumpschool" (in glorious mono and free of any studio cleansing, no less) is as unbridled an example of raw funk as existed anywhere even on Clinton's Mothership. What made the difference was Bootsy's thunderous, custom-made Space Bass and the precision of what became known as the Horny Horns. Conservatively mixed on their records (to the dismay of traditionalists accustomed to in-your-face horn riffs), on the road Fred Wesley's quintessential arrangements whipped through the music with lethal intensity. There wasn't another band that even remotely sounded like them.

At first it was just Bone, myself and Leslyn. She was a writer from Cincinnati who was kinda wild and freaky -I liked her style. She did the record and the first few gigs but I didn't know how to handle a girl on the road. As for Fred and Maceo, l got high just looking up on stage and seeing them with me. Those were my heroes and for them to come out with a new band was unheard of. Next thing l knew they found Rick Gardner and were all staying at my house, this dump in Walnut Hills. Fred and Maceo stayed on the third floor, the other guys on the second floor, and we rehearsed in the basement.

If assembling the band seemed effortless, so did making the record. "Psychoticbumpschool" evolved from an unreleased House Guests track called "Be Right Back". "I'd Rather Be With You" and "Vanish In Our Sleep" were written while "trippin' on a first dose of thinkin' I was in love" during the period with James Brown that Bootsy refers to as his "acid days."

The album's first and most successful single was actually an afterthought. Still searching for a marketing concept on which to hang his new act, Clinton was about to turn in the record when he convinced Bootsy that they lacked the one song that could effectively introduce the band to radio programmers.

George said "We need a commercial hit in this LP" but l wasn't even thinking like that. l had no idea what a hit was but l respected his opinion so we went back into the studio with Gary Shider and Michael Hampton and cut a track with a drum machine. Before l overdubbed real drums, I forced myself to think of the beats I had heard when I was in Africa with James. Those drummers were so deep.

We didn't have a name for the song at that point It was one of those things where I happened to say, "Man, we're stretchin' out on that one." And George yelled "That's it! Stretchin'out -in a Rubber Band!" So that's how we got the song and the name of the band. Once the album came out, I wasn't thinking about it much. I was never trained to think about a record I didn't know if that record was gonna make It -I just knew that I had to have one.

I came from the school of depending on the stage to show people who I was, so my real concept was about getting them to come out and see me. I started taking gigs opening up for P-Funk for $500 a night when my name wasn't even on the marquee. But none of that mattered because l knew if people could see usówe'd make it. The band was my ace in the hole. l never even got a sense of when the record started hitting except for the fact that after a while people began knowing who l was. But it took time.

The band spent most of 1976 making it apparent to P-Funk's audiences that as intriguing as their album was, it fell short of preparing anyone for Bootsy's Rubber Band on stage. Despite their newness to the record buying public, these were savvy professionals and they cleverly compressed everything they knew into a ferocious 45-minute set.

This collection's concert version of "Psychoticbumpschool" (in glorious mono and free of any studio cleansing, no less) is as unbridled an example of raw funk as existed anywhere even on Clinton's mothership. What made the difference was Bootsy's thunderous, custom-made Space Bass and the precision of what became known as the Horny Horns. Conservatively mixed on their records (to the dismay of traditionalists accustomed to in-your-face horn riffs), on the road Fred Wesley's quintessential arrangements whipped through the music with lethal intensity. There wasn't another band that even remotely sounded like them.

Just as Bootsy had predicted, the constant touring was building a foundation. A second album was called for, and, in January 1977, "Ahh. . . The Name Is Bootsy Baby" was released at the same time the standing P-Funk/Rubber Band Earth Tour was breaking box office records.

We had been developing new grooves as we toured and our intro, "Ahh. . . The name. . ., " came out of the show. "The Pinocchio Theory" also came from the stage. lt was built around a rhythm that Joel had been playing on clavinet that he and I turned into a track. George came up with the Iyrics and the whole concept of your nose growin' if you fake the funk.

Full of unexpected twists and turns, "The Pinocchio Theory" turned into a bonafide, if somewhat eccentric, hit single.

By the spring of 1977, it was only natural for Bootsy's Rubber Band to break away from the nest and headline for the first time. Working the road at a pace even their leader had underestimated, they spent the remainder of the year alternating between their own theatre tour and arena dates with P-Funk.

Bootsy's popularity was soaring and Warner Bros. rushed out a third album. Its first single, "Bootzilla" was the biography of "the world's only rhinestone rock-star doll". When the tongue-twister bulleted to No. 1 it was as if Bootsy had planted a flag atop the R&B world.

The follow-up single, "Hollywood Squares" was a change of pace musically - Bootsy choosing to surround this sinewy bass fines with a full orchestra of brass and woodwinds. But once again he was singing of a star's life "funnin' in the sunshine at Hollywood and Vine." In March 1978, Bootsy's Rubber Band embarked on a hugely successful tour as full-fledged arena headliners. But to those closest to their leader it was beginning to seem that some of this recent Iyrics were getting too close for comfort. The more the fans screamed "Bootsy," the more William Collins got lost in the shuffle. He seldom saw the band away from their gigs and this dressing room door was always closed and secured by bodyguards. As a thinly disguised George Clinton had asked in "Ahh. . . The Name Is Bootsy, Baby," "Hey Bootsy, you're a superstar right?"

That ain't me. By that tour I had stopped knowing what I was out there for In the first place. Once management taught me that I was supposed to run from my fans, it reversed what had been in my head since I started out. I had gone out there to be a people person. I got off on signing autographs and meeting fans at record stores. But I got changed.

What changed me was being responsible for so many things I never thought I'd be responsible for. Management decisions. Trucks, buses. . . How many of this. . . How much of that. How much is this person gonna get paid. Who gets a raise. Who gets laid off. I had never dreamed of that kind of pressure. So I ended up going for just about every suggestion that kept me safe. The managers were telling me that's the way I was supposed to be, and I didn't know anything different. Of course, they were also dealing with George Clinton and he had his own confusion going on. Management was telling me one thing and George was telling me another. When I ended up going against all of them, that didn't feel right either. So I started making a transition to a separate accountant a separate lawyer and a separate road manager. Then people began looking at me like, "Why are you doing that?" I didn't know the correct way to do it. I just knew that it wasn't right the way it was.

Soon after the tour ended, there were rumors of drug abuse and power struggles within the band. With sessions for a hungrily awaited fourth album right around the corner, Billboard magazine suddenly reported Bootsy mysteriously hospitalized in Cincinnati. Contrary to legend, it wasn't drugs that drove him from the road.

Drug abuse had played a role when we first got into George's thing. I got pretty deep into cocaine but I bailed out when the Rubber Band started to happen. There were so many things I needed to pay attention to and I couldn't lock in if I was loaded. It was everything else that drove me away.

When I came off the road I finally got a chance to start thinking about things. I tried explaining myself to George and the band but they didn't understand.

I had been telling them all along that I was gonna stop and chill out for a year but Mudbone was the only one who listened to me. Everybody else felt I wouldn't stop because of the bucks. But they were wrong. The money didn't mean anything anymore. When I started turning down outdoor festivals that were paying $700,000 a night George finally realized that I was serious.

My mother had always told me that if I ever got to a certain point where I didn't know what to do, "just stop."

I tried to figure out who I was. I started dealing with real people again instead of those who wanted me to wear the Bootsy glasses. When I'd come home my mama used to say, "You're in the house now, you can take those glasses off " That was like a smack in the face, and it helped me.

Warner Bros. was totally freaked out so l decided to go ahead and do the record. But I was still too caught up in everything to really care how it turned out. l had a destruction thing going on in my head because I was trying not to be that person anymore. I didn't do anything to help the record. It wasn't that I tried to make it sound bad but in the back of my mind I guess I didn't want it to happen because I didn't wanna have to go back on the road I just wasn't all there.

Despite his claims of detachment, the LP's lone hit, "Jam Fan (Hot)" is a Bootsy tour-de-force. Creating an intoxicating groove, he plays all the instruments except for the horns and one guitar part.

The Rubber Band had, for all intents and purposes, broken up. Atlantic Records promoted a couple of hastily produced Horny Horns albums while Maceo became P-Funk's emcee/music director. He seldom played his sax. Worse yet, the rhythm section was relegated to anonymously backing the Brides of Funkenstein. By 1980, a disillusioned Phelps Collins was back in Cincinnati, spending most of his afternoons at the neighborhood fishing hole.

Nevertheless, once Bootsy caught his breath he didn't let any grass grow under his feet. Anxious to recapture a working relationship with his mentor, he surrounded himself in the studio with some fresh blood and simultaneously produced Ultra Wave, his fifth album for Warner Bros., and the tragically overlooked Sweat Band for Clinton's Uncle Jam label. "Mug Push" was Ultra Wave's biggest hit and we have also selected "Scenery," the obscure B-side that should have made the album if only for Bootsy's splendid vocalese on the vamp.

With "Mug Push," George and I started having a little fun again. I had moved back to Detroit and I began feeling comfortable about making decisions on my own. George finally accepted what I was trying to do, and I could see that there was still a possibility that we could make this work.

In reality, Bootsy had seldom resisted the opportunity to contribute to Clinton's archive. Even during the Rubber Band's busiest years, he continued writing and playing on both Parliament and Funkadelic albums. While his bass lines are familiar turf for P-Funk fans, many would be surprised to learn of his often uncredited drumming on such classics as "One Nation Under A Groove," "Knee Deep," "Funkentelechy," "FIashlight" and "Theme From The Black Hole."

By the end of 1980, independent management (and, just maybe, a rekindled taste for the P-Funk drug of choice) provided Bootsy the self-confidence to hit the road. In as grass roots a maneuver as the modern music industry has known, Clinton leased a bus and collected Bootsy, singer Philippe Wynne and Sweat Band's David Spradley and Maceo Parker for a city-by-city promotional junket.

Four months later, Clinton's Greatest Funk On Earth tour hit the road with Bootsy and Sweat Band on the marquee as supporting acts. Evading the "burden" of leading a band, Bootsy brought along Catfish, Joel Johnson, Frank Waddy and Mudbone to augment a restructured P-Funk that already included Maceo and Peanut. Bootsy's brief set consisted of three songs in the middle of George's performance (a format he would resurrect on subsequent Clinton tours).

Despite the tour exposure, Ultra Wave was a commercial disappointment. To be fair, Bootsy was hardly the only funkmeister struggling in the early 80's. Even Clinton's record sales slumped as slick pop-soul and mechanical dance music ousted them from club turntables and radio playlists.

Bootsy's final Warner Bros. album, The One Giveth, The Count Taketh Away, was quietly released in May, 1982, and faded quickly away. In a last ditch effort to salvage something from the project, someone at the label referred Bootsy to a Philadelphia dance music mixer in hopes of creating a buzz at the club level. The absurd irony that, on its own terms, funk was no longer considered dance music, rankled many. Regardless, Bootsy tried to adapt with "Body Slam."

No mere remix, "Body Slam" was a barely recognizable reconstruction of the album's "Countracula." The unpredictable disc became Bootsy's highest charting record since "Bootzilla." However, without an album to reap the benefits, the single died away and all but closed a major chapter in black music history.

There was no funeral, though. In fact, once again Bootsy's personal fortunes were the opposite of his career -this time for the better.

When things got deep in 1979, I started back on cocaine and this time it got me. But once again I had gotten confused so l just stopped I didn't know what was going to happen, but I knew I had to stop and find out.

It happened right as "Body Slam" was coming out. On the first day I threw a big rock, probably three inches around into the garbage can. I just knew if I was going to save my career l was going to have to clear my head. And I knew I wasn't through dealing with George and his people, so somebody was gonna have to be clear!

I haven't touched it since I threw that rock in the garbage. The more I was around it the stronger I got it was the turning point of my life.

Predictably, Bootsy's first appearances following his epiphany were as a featured guest on Clinton's Atomic Dog tour in 1983. That experience was another eye-opener for an artist who was shopping for a new record deal and thinking about reorganizing his band.

It all kicked in after I got back out there with George and started seeing the chaos that they were still going through. I had thought that some of it would have changed but everything there was the same. It's all so stupid after you've been away from it for a while. I didn't even know how to react to the same old crap. I immediately said to myself, "Uh, uh. I don't think so."

It took Bootsy another six years to prove to himself that leading a band and touring were possible without the superfluous headaches he desperately needed to avoid. Meanwhile, he calmly focused his career towards the recording studioólending his talents to an ongoing series of projects with cutting-edge producer Bill Laswell and a colorful palette of artists that included Herbie Hancock, Keith Richards, Afrika Bambaataa, Ryuichi Sakamoto and Deee-lite.

As of this writing, Bootsy's Rubber Band featuring Bernie Worrell and Mudbone Cooper tours frequently. Perhaps because his acme was relatively brief, Bootsy manages to lose himself in performance with a vitality and commitment that's unlike any other surviving 70's funk band.

His always was different.

I'm not scared anymore. I made it through that stuff and now I know what it is. And I know what I am when I come off of the stage.

It's like I'm running a race and the crowd's on the side cheering me on to make the finish llne. What they're giving me I'm trying to give back to them. The finish line is the joy of me being able to stand there with them after the show and slap five and thank them for cheering me on.

He always was different. ALAN LEEDS and WILLAM COLLINS

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Let us plan an event that will create buzz long after the event is over. It will be talked about and remembered as being one of the most upbeat, unforgettable moments in your company's history. Corporate events don't have to be boring, stuffy affairs when you hire Locolobo events Entertainment to secure your talent and plan the show. Everything is contractual with our company. We are bonded, insured, and experienced at negotiating rates and terms with managers, agencies, and talent. Our reputation is of the highest quality, and we can provide references to support that. Our track record speaks for itself--when you hire Locolobo events Entertainment , you have access to big-name talent at great rates. Call us today to discuss your next corporate event.

Corporate Party Planning
Corporate party planning can seem like a daunting task unless you hire a company that specializes in it. When you work with Locolobo events Entertainment , you'll be getting top-notch entertainment at an affordable price. Not only that, but you'll also be hiring an experienced company that specializes in corporate party planning. We can handle every last detail of your event so you don't have to worry about a thing.

Providing your employees with a great party boosts morale and lets your employees feel special. Giving them a chance to relax and feel appreciated will enhance your reputation and build buzz for months afterward. We will help you select the right talent for your audience. We have years of experience matching talent to the personality and culture of your corporation.

Why take on the stress or risk of corporate party planning yourself? Hire us and you will be pleased with the results. We can secure any talent you want, from tribute artists to top-name celebrities. We are bonded and insured and will hold your payments in escrow, releasing them according to the contract we agree to with you. While our reputation speaks for itself, you might want to check out any of our hundreds of references who can tell you how well we deliver.

Expert Corporate Party Planning for the Event of the Year
Corporate party planning is a detailed job that requires expertise. We stay on top of things to ensure your party will be the best your company has ever had. Hold a private concert, exclusive speech, or elite comedy performance. From planning to promotion, Locolobo events Entertainment will ensure that your party is the event of the year.

Corporate Event Ideas
If you are looking for corporate event ideas, look no further. Locolobo events Entertainment is dedicated to matching the right talent to your event. We plan every detail of your event, working with you to ensure that your guests will be happy and the event will be profitable for you.

Our years of experience have given us lots of corporate event ideas for future events. We know what different types of crowds will respond to and which talent is right for your audience. Whether your event is a concert for thousands of people or a small private speech, we can provide the entertainment you need to make your event a success. We are mediators who are not affiliated with any particular artists. That means we can negotiate contracts and terms with any artist you wish, working for you. We have links to many agencies, managers, and artists to secure the appropriate talent you want, from local artists to world-class celebrities.

Different Corporate Event Ideas
From festivals and fairs to exclusive VIP cocktail parties, Locolobo events Entertainment is your source for corporate event ideas. We plan and execute your event, from invitations and promotion to equipment and supplies. Our expertise ensures that your event is unique and highly rated, without being outrageous.

Talk to our references to find out how we've helped them in the past. Then, speak to us to learn how we can make your event as good as theirs. We strive for perfection and won't stop until you are satisfied. Corporate events are elite, exclusive, and private. We'll help you make them unforgettable, too.

Event Planning Companies
At Locolobo events Entertainment , we know that you can choose from many event planning companies. Why choose us? We are experienced, have an unbeatable reputation, and access to nearly every celebrity out there. Trust us to make your event memorable. We have a reputation as the most dependable event planning company in the industry.

Many event planning companies promise a lot and don't deliver. We produce for our clients--just ask any of the hundreds of satisfied customers we've worked with. We have produced many successful shows from festivals and fairs to comedy shows, private concerts and VIP meetings. Don't be fooled by other event planning companies. Only Locolobo events Entertainment handles your event from start to finish, helping you keep your employees satisfied and helping you profit from the event.

Locating Knowledgeable Event Planning Companies to Plan it Right
Event planning requires a lot of attention to detail. We let you focus on your core business while we plan your event. From invitations to marketing to the color of your tablecloths and napkins, you will not have to worry about a thing.

Call us today to start planning your event. During your free consultation, we'll ask you many questions about what you hope to gain from the event. We can provide unique ideas to make your event special, while incorporating your vision for the event. Let us plan your corporate party and negotiate the talent contracts, and people will be talking about it for months to come.

Corporate Event Management
Allow Locolobo events Entertainment to handle your corporate event management and take the work off your shoulders. We have years of experience in the entertainment business and are affiliated with LocoLobo Events, a team of highly successful event planners. We have expertise in entertainment as well as in professionally managing events from start to finish. For your classy corporate party, invitation-only concert, or private lecture, Locolobo events Entertainment delivers.

Whether you are looking to serve a crowd of thousands at a sporting event or boast a smaller, more exclusive guest list, we will tailor your event to the culture of your company and the personalities of your guests. We know how to read crowds and understand what they want. We can select entertainment based on their preferences to create a truly memorable outcome for all your attendees.

Locolobo events Entertainment for Corporate Event Management
With top-name entertainment, professional marketing, publicity spots, and a well-planned evening, you can be sure that you'll receive excellent attendance at your function. We will find the perfect location for your event, coordinate food and beverage and seating arrangements, and then negotiate the best rates on talent. We'll have a comprehensive plan for executing each and every fine detail of your affair, ensuring its success.

Corporate event management does not have to be a headache when you allow us to handle it. Imagine your guests having the times of their lives and talking about your party for months afterward. That's the kind of response you will get when you leave your corporate event management to us.

Special Corporate Events
Special corporate events keep your employees motivated and raise morale. They are used to thank people for a job well done, to celebrate success, and recognize individuals who have helped the company move forward. Special corporate events such as awards banquets, company picnics, and holiday parties let everyone enjoy camaraderie and strengthen both friendships and management-employee relations.

At Locolobo events Entertainment , we specialize in creating memorable events. Planning any type of company event requires a significant amount of time and attention to detail. If you lack the expertise or staff to handle the amount of work involved, allow us to plan your next event. Not only do we have a full staff with years of experience, but we also have connections to the best name-brand talent available. Host a corporate party with celebrities, tribute artists, comedians, and celebrity speakers, you'll give your attendees an event that is truly meaningful.

Planning Special Corporate Events with an Event Management Company
Using an event management company like Locolobo events Entertainment will help you determine which type of special corporate events to host. Depending on your marketing strategy and business plan, you might benefit from a motivational speech for everyone or a special recognition luncheon for a select few stars on your team. We can help you figure out which events will have a lasting impact, and handle all of the planning and execution, too.

Special corporate events are not just memorable for employees and guests. They can be very profitable for you, too. Contact us today to discuss your needs, and we will show you how events like these can build relationships and help your company profit.

Corporate Event Organizers
Hiring corporate event organizers like Locolobo events Entertainment ensures that your event is a success. By working with us, you will make the party planning process smoother and easier on everyone involved. Event planning requires a significant commitment of time and attention, and if your event fails, you'll hear all about it from your supervisors. Why put tremendous pressure on yourself when you can leave the planning to the professionals?

A great benefit of using corporate event organizers is that we know how to read audiences. At Locolobo events Entertainment , our experience has taught us how to gauge crowds to give them what they want. Doing this allows us to provide just the right entertainment, the perfect theme, and activities that everyone will enjoy. We will help you select a location and a theme for your event, as well as plan appropriate activities for your particular attendees.

Hiring corporate event organizers for your corporate party planning needs, outdoor festivals, or fairs can also bring in higher profits. We have connections to top-name entertainment and can book anybody you choose. We negotiate the best terms and rates with booking agents, talent managers, and even the entertainers themselves. Promoting your event in advance will build momentum and encourage early ticket sales, increasing demand which, in turn, increases publicity. You can see how this cycle clearly builds profits.

Book Bands through Corporate Event Organizers
Hiring top talent need not be challenging. If you need help planning your party and hiring top-level talent, turn to Locolobo events Entertainment . Let us show you how to make your function a highly profitable, smashing success. Contact us today to discuss your vision for your next corporate event.

Corporate Event Planners
For your next corporate meeting or celebration, hire Locolobo events Entertainment as your corporate event planners. We have direct connections to name brand talent, we do not represent any one artist, so we can offer low booking fees and pass the savings on to you. Trust us to handle your event and your investment and you won't be disappointed.

Hiring us to be your corporate event planners can mean the difference between a tedious meeting and an exciting, unforgettable gathering. If you lack the staff or time to devote to event planning, it will show. Hire Locolobo events Entertainment and your guests will know you took the time to plan something they will really enjoy.

Why Hire Corporate Event Planners?
Your goal is hosting the perfect event, and we can help you attain it. Working with your vision, we will tailor the party to your guests and your company's culture. We will take into account their preferences for activities, themes, and entertainment, and put it all together into a smoothly-running, seamless event that looks like it was a breeze to plan.

It may look easy, but you know the challenges of creating a flawless event. Allow us to be your corporate event planners and handle every aspect of your event, from venue selection to food and beverages, tent rental, booking talent, and promotion. When you put your trust in us, we will handle your VIP function with the utmost care for the best outcome. Ask any of our hundreds of references why they chose Locolobo events Entertainment , and you'll see for yourself why you should choose us to plan your next special corporate event.

Corporate Event Services
Corporate event services like Locolobo events Entertainment eliminate the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors and spending large amounts of time each day planning each aspect of your corporate party. Your VIPs deserve a professional approach to their special event, so we are the logical choice for event planning services. Whether you have your own staff or want us to do it all, we are flexible and will accommodate your needs.

If you want to take your corporate meetings to the next level, contact us today for our corporate event services. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have, and put your mind at ease because you can trust us to plan your party. Our years of expertise in a diverse range of special events ensure that we'll deliver your message in a way that your audience will believe it and accept it.

Locate and Hire Corporate Event Services
We are thorough in all of our planning, and have a reputation for being reliable and honest. We are happy to provide references so you can see how we have helped other companies like yours in the past. From securing top-name talent to developing themes and concepts and handling catering, we will execute a corporate event that is unique to your company and perfect for your budget.

We also have ready access to entertainment, from local artists to world-famous celebrities. Whether you need to book a band for a private concert or hire a motivational speaker to keep your employees enthusiastic, we have connections throughout the industry. For your next special event, choose corporate event services from Locolobo events Entertainment .

Corporate Entertainment Online
Arranging for corporate entertainment online is a convenient way to book bands or comedians for your special evening. Locolobo events Entertainment can provide bands of any size and genre, DJs, comedians, or specialty acts. We can also provide tribute artists, look-alikes, or whatever your guests would enjoy. No matter what your event requires, we can make it happen. Give us a call and let us work our magic.

Private Functions Made Easy with Corporate Entertainment Online
Whether you are celebrating a special anniversary, corporate milestone, or are throwing a private birthday party for your CEO, finding corporate entertainment online makes your life easier when it comes to event management. Our connections to any talent you desire will impress your audience and create treasured company memories, stories that will be talked about around the water cooler and relayed to future employees.

No matter what your budget, booking corporate entertainment online is easy. Locolobo events Entertainment can supply a range of themed celebrations and will make sure that you are satisfied with the arrangements before anything is executed. Simply fill out our online form to tell us the type of entertainment you are looking for, and we will respond with our ideas and suggestions (including talent suggestions). We will do all the groundwork so you can focus on your core business. Event planning is a major undertaking if you want to do it right. To impress your guests and even profit from your private functions, allow professional event management companies to handle the planning and entertainment. Don't risk leaving out important details or forgetting a step in the process. Instead, trust the experts. Call Locolobo events Entertainment today to start planning your exclusive event now.

Corporate Entertainment Companies
Locolobo events Entertainment is one of the leading corporate entertainment companies, serving satisfied clients nationwide. We know that the success of your event depends on the entertainment you choose to perform for your guests. Whether you are holding a seminar to train employees or a motivational event to build camaraderie, the entertainment often determines how well the audience perceives your event.

How to Hire Corporate Entertainment Companies
When you hire us over other corporate entertainment companies, you are getting a full-service events management company. If you have the staff to plan your party, we will work as your business partner with suggestions and ideas and will handle the legwork. If you lack the staff or time to plan your event, we can do this for you as well.

We will help you select the right entertainment for your guests, whether it is concert promotions, a DJ, other types of music, or comedians and celebrity impersonators. For top-rate entertainment that's affordable for you and your employees, turn to Locolobo events Entertainment . We will be happy to give you a free consultation to discuss the type of entertainment you are looking for.

Allow us to handle your event and see the difference that professional corporate entertainment companies can make. Instead of fretting over endless details and worrying about how your audience will react, leave it to us. We have been doing this for years and have a great reputation in the industry. Contact us today for your free consultation.

Live Corporate Entertainment
Live corporate entertainment gives your guests a chance to let loose. After a few days of intense seminars or a season of hard work, celebrate their success by providing live corporate entertainment for your guests. How often do your employees get to dance with each other, relax, and just have a good time at work? Reward them with music, give them a hearty laugh with a comedian, or help them stay enthusiastic with motivational speakers.

Book Live Corporate Entertainment Online on the Internet
Locolobo events Entertainment has been providing live corporate entertainment for years. We are mediators in the field, not representing any one artist. Because of this, we can offer you lower booking rates. We negotiate the best fees among booking agencies and talent managers, then pass the savings on to you. The result is a successful, profitable event for you and your guests. Ignite their senses and provide excitement and energy among your audience. Live entertainment is far superior to anything taped or filmed. The interaction with live performers simply cannot be replaced. The sights, sounds, and vibrations produced by live entertainers are something special and much more likely to be remembered.

Let Locolobo events Entertainment book live entertainment for your upcoming function, and see the difference we make. From local artists to celebrity talent, we can book anybody you want and will deliver for you. We follow our contracts to the letter, ensuring that our clients are satisfied with our services. Just ask any of our references why they hire us time and time again.

Corporate Entertainment Events
Corporate entertainment events are the lifeblood of any organization. Without giving your employees a fun break every once in a while, they can become unmotivated and listless. To increase productivity or to recognize top achievers, corporate entertainment events are key. At Locolobo events Entertainment , we specialize in booking talent and customizing events to meet your needs.

Corporate Entertainment: Events of a Lifetime
We have a wide variety of entertainers and event ideas that can be tailored to your specific guests. From team building speakers to musicians, DJs and comedians, we will make your exclusive event one that will be remembered for years to come. Contact us today to discuss your requirements, and we will get back to you quickly with ideas for success.

In addition to corporate entertainment events, Locolobo events Entertainment is a full-service event planning company with a superior reputation in the industry. For years, we have been handling events such as corporate parties, VIP functions, awards banquets, conferences, and trade shows with success. Instead of fretting over the endless details, allow us to do the work for you.

Reading crowds and knowing what activities work for each audience is another area we specialize in. What management thinks will be fun is not necessarily right for your audience. For example, at company picnics, you will need activities for children as well as adults. A black-tie affair has its own entertainment needs. Contact us today and we will get started finding the right entertainment for your next corporate party, outdoor festival, or state fair.

Corporate Entertainment Packages
Locolobo events Entertainment offers corporate entertainment packages at a reduced price. Imagine having a private concert with Big name talent, or inviting major entertainers to speak to your board members. When you hire us, we can book any talent you seek and produce a unique event that matches your company's personality.

Corporate Entertainment Packages at Reduced Rates
Whether you are an experienced event planner or this is the first special event you have been involved in, we are here to help. Locolobo events Entertainment is your partner in special event planning and corporate entertainment packages. When you hire us, you will be assured that the talent we book for you is appropriate for your audience. For example, we will not hire comedians who may offend your audience nor will we book a band that plays the wrong music for your audience's age group.

Our corporate entertainment packages provide you with the best entertainers for any occasion. Our experts are experienced in providing top-notch talent that knows how to entertain everyone in your crowd. From food and beverage to site selection, concert promotions, and ticket sales, we will plan your event from start to finish.

Let us be your partner in event planning. When you work with us, you'll see the difference that hiring a competent management company makes. Don't risk planning a party that falls short of your expectations. Be known for planning popular parties when you throw the event of the year

Unique Event Entertainment
Executives are often faced with the seemingly daunting task of securing unique event entertainment. While this job can be delegated to a corporate meeting planner, it is often the VIPs who have the final say. Knowing how important event entertainment is, can help sell you on the idea of budgeting for this necessary investment.

Unique event entertainment is one of the most crucial aspects of events, as it gives attendees a chance to unwind and rejuvenate. It may come in the form of a motivational speaker for a keynote address or a comedian to entertain your board members. Team building and training are also more successful when the information is imparted in a fun way that doesn't seem like learning.

More Information about Unique Event Entertainment
At LocoLobo Corporate Events, we have a broad range of popular speakers who are knowledgeable in their fields and have gained the life experience necessary for success. They are both entertaining and informative, often sharing personal stories that audiences can relate to. Successful speeches are remembered long after attendees return to the office, so let us help you choose the right speaker or unique event entertainment.

We don't only book talent, however; we are also a full-service event management company with a superb track record. So if you'd rather outsource the endless details of event planning than overburden your staff, contact us for a consultation. We can provide you with ideas for successful events, based on our experience with current and previous clients. We have helped many Fortune 500 companies realize the dream of enlightening event audiences with informative entertainment, and we'll do the same for you.

VIP Events
Companies are finally catching on to the notion that VIP events are good PR (public relations). Private parties for your best clients, invitation-only hospitality suites at trade shows, and entertainment for your executive board all leave your guests feeling appreciated. They establish goodwill and encourage future business.

No two VIP events are alike, nor should they be. Event planners are forever searching for ways to make them memorable for their guests. The best event is one that gets talked about long after the event. However, it's not an easy task to make them as good as you want them to be.

VIP Events Specialists
Here at LocoLobo Corporate Events, we are specialists in booking entertainment for VIP events. We will work with you to find the best talent for your event, whether you want music, comedy, motivational speakers or need to book a band or particular entertainer. We work on your behalf to negotiate the best pricing and terms for your occasion and handle all the contract details. That leaves you free to mingle with your guests and show them a good time.

The right theme and tone of your event can make all the difference in how your guests perceive it and whether they have a good time. Finding suitable talent that's appropriate for your audience is just one piece of the puzzle. With so many details to keep up with, it's best to leave it to the experts. Contact us today to get started on a fun-filled corporate event that will be treasured by all who attend.

Comedians For Corporate Events
What can Comedians do for a Corporate Event ? Comedians bring a smile and can lighten anyVIP Party! LocoLobo Corporate Events, an event talent agency that has access to any entertainer, speaker or comedian you may want and will guarantee the best service because we seek repeat business.

Maybe you want to book a band AND a comedian? Why not? We can handle any event!

We do not represent any one person so we can negotiate with comedians, management or agencies, depending on who represents them. We work within your event budget to match appropriate comedians and performances with your guests. You probably already know that comedy has a therapeutic effect that actually improves health. Think about how hiring comedians for corporate events will break the ice at your next event and encourage friendly networking and deals to take place.

Companies That Hire Comedians for Corporate Events
Other clients who hire comedians for corporate events are also available as references, so your meeting planner can call and hear about us directly from our clients. We've handled hundreds of corporate parties, executive banquets, awards dinners, private gatherings and VIP-only events. We'd like to help you, too.

We make it easy for executives like you to make decisions about which comedians to hire. If you lack the staff to plan your corporate event, our Corporate Event Planners can act as your outsourced meetings manager, too. We will plan your meeting from start to finish, including obtaining comedians and booking bands. So let us book your entertainment, and take the burden off of you.

Famous Performers
Event managers and corporate executives are constantly seeking ways to make their "special events" truly special. You might think that hiring famous performers is way out of your league, but that is not necessarily the case. Talking with a qualified talent agency that has a vast array of experiences hiring celebrities is a definite way to find out. Whether you regularly host VIP-only events or only produce them on occasion, booking famous performers will pay off in the long run. Name recognition as well as the exceptional talent that is a given with fame will give your guests something to talk about. And there is no better way to make you look good than by people spreading the word to their colleagues.

LocoLobo Corporate Events is a talent agency that can book any famous performer you want. If you don't know your audience's taste in entertainment, or you don't know who you would like to hire, take heed. That is a situation our specialists deal with daily and we will be glad to help you narrow down your choices with regard to performer, program, theme, and budget.

We do not represent any one person so we are able to negotiate with other agents and managers to secure the date and performer for you. In addition to entertainers, we can also book keynote speakers, motivational speakers, lecturers or experts for your next seminar, convention, or trade show. Our services include recommending the best talent for your individual events, negotiating and acheiving your financial goals, researching prospective talent, and arranging a site if you don't already have one. Call us today to learn more.

Famous Comedians
Famous comedians can add humor and pizzazz to an otherwise dull meeting. They also offer entertainment and comic relief during conferences, when everybody is weary from all-day seminars. Comedy is a great way to impart wisdom as well as to break the ice at business functions. However, many meeting planners fail to utilize this valuable resource.

Famous Comedians and Your Bottom Line
Offering a comedy event with famous comedians is a sure way to keep your attendees feeling energetic and give them a chance to unwind a bit before more seminars. Famous comedians offer name recognition as well as top-quality talent--they wouldn't be famous if they were not exceptional at what they do. When you host a famous entertainer, word of mouth marketing works harder than usual to increase your event's profits.

There are a lot of details to consider before booking comedians. Meeting planners who are already overworked would benefit from the services of a qualified speakers' bureau and meetings management company. At LocoLobo Corporate Events, we have a huge database of famous comedians, motivational and keynote speakers, bands, authors, and other entertainers at our disposal. We have a long history of satisfied clients and we can book the perfect talent for you, too.We guarantee the best service for booking comedians and other entertainment and speakers. We seek repeat business so we work within your event budget and help you get the best ROI. We're eager to become your event management and talent specialist.

Corporate Performances
Corporate performances demand attention to detail when planning. Knowing your objectives for your meeting and the corporate entertainment you want will go a long way toward succeeding at the event. Ask yourself why you are holding the meeting and why you want an outside performer to be at your event. Then you will be able to give better direction to your planning committee when it comes time to book talent.

At LocoLobo Corporate Events, we have helped hundreds of corporations like yours meet their objectives in corporate performances. We save our clients thousands of hours of time researching talent and narrowing down the list to finally choose appropriate talent. Whether you need celebrity acts or regional flavor, we will help you evaluate your needs and make suggestions for the corporate performances that will work for your event.

Impressing VIPs with Corporate Performances
Well-known acts not only entertain, they impress guests as well. If your objective is to reward employees or make an impression on your VIPs, a private concert with a celebrity band is well worth the investment. Music, comedians, or magicians each work best in different situations. Tell us who comprises your audience and describe the theme of purpose of your event. We'll do the rest.

Music For Corporate Events
Music for corporate events is something that executives and meeting planners agonize about unnecessarily. While it's true that the right music sets the mood for a memorable evening, choosing the soundtrack is best left to somebody else. The booking agency you use to find your talent should be able to coordinate musicians, travel, and entertainment programs, or you risk wasting your time with them.

At LocoLobo Corporate Events, we have a long history of helping our corporate clients impress audiences with appropriate music for corporate events. Rather than asking you to choose the type of music that will satisfy an audience that varies in age, taste, and style, we'll instead help you decide on the type of mood you want to create with your music. The result will be a party that impresses all!

Setting the Mood with Music for Corporate Events
For example, whether you want to host a rock concert or provide a backdrop of jazz music for dinner makes a substantial difference in the entertainment we suggest. Aside from singers, bands, and individual musicians, we also suggest DJs for our clients. DJs are not limited to the type of music they play and can offer lots of sound when you are short on space.

Top Quality Music for corporate events does not come without a price tag. Our discerning clients are willing to pay for 5 star national acts that we can acheive for that special event. If you're looking for local flavor to entertain audiences that come from all over the world, local and regional acts are also available. Allow LocoLobo Corporate Events to be your partner in showcasing musical entertainment at your next large-scale corporate event.

Famous Entertainers
It's no secret. Famous entertainers raise attendance and bring in the big bucks while providing attendees with a once-in-a-lifetime chance to be in the same room with their favorite celebrities. Before you call LocoLobo Corporate Events to book your talent, evaluate your goals for your meeting and the results you want to achieve.

Think about the issues that are facing your industry and how a keynote speaker, musician, or comedian can help your audience overcome them. You may or may not really need outside speakers or famous entertainers. Your in-house people might be better at dealing with the challenges facing your industry. If you have a low budget, by all means, inside people are the best.

What Famous Entertainers Do for Meetings
Of course, if there are difficulties that need to be addressed, outside speakers and famous entertainers can offer objectivity and ease the blow of delivering bad news so that insiders can work on the issues. For example, if your company is going through reorganization, you might hire speakers to talk about team stress and overcoming adversity. A comedian will take the edge off the seriousness of your meeting and help put everybody in a more relaxed mood.

Hiring famous entertainers can turn your ho-hum meeting into a unique chance to meet a celebrity in a cozy setting. It not only impresses your guests, but will also send a message that your company is financially stable. When a famous performer appears at your event, it gives your company an air of significance. When you are ready to book a famous act for your corporate party, contact us at LocoLobo Corporate Events.

VIP Entertainment
VIP entertainment makes your guests comfortable and adds a sense of lightness to your events. After a long day of intensive seminars or a grueling day on their feet at your trade show booth, attendees will appreciate being treated to a special VIP entertainment event. Magicians, comedians, and even actors appeal to a wide variety of people and help break the ice at networking events.

LocoLobo Corporate Events specializes in bringing the best VIP entertainment to your corporate event. A relaxing atmosphere for travelers will make all the difference at your function, particularly if people are coming from long distances. They might not know other people so entertainment can make them feel included and capture their attention.

With our Corporate Event unique ingenuity, your VIP events will never be boring. We provide interesting entertainment that is creative and fun for all your guests, whether your crowd is large or small. Interactive performers like comedians or special event entertainment, keep your guests participating and draw them into the event. When they participate, they'll remember the originality of the performance long after it's over.

VIP Entertainment Generates Buzz for your Company
VIP entertainment from our Corporate Events company also gives you great publicity and helps generate buzz. Host a function before a trade show to get people talking all over the trade show floor. They'll repeat your company name many times over as they retell their stories again and again. Spend the time choosing unique entertainment to keep your event in the front of everybody's minds and keep them returning for more.

Convention Entertainment
Good convention entertainment can make or break your convention and music really brings a crowd together. Knowing which type of music is best for your audience is not simple. It's better to decide instead on a particular mood, such as dancing, dinner music, or soothing classical music. Music can be the focal point of an event such as a concert or it can provide a background for mingling at a cocktail party.

The Right Help Hiring Convention Entertainment
When you are looking for convention entertainment, don't overlook booking agencies. These convention entertainment resources can handle the details for you.

A leading agency is LocoLobo Corporate Events. We have been helping Fortune 500 companies plan successful, entertaining events for many memorable years. When you really want to impress your guests, allow us to do all the legwork for you. We provide event planning services to give you the best convention entertainment you can imagine.

Rely on us to fill in the background information you need to obtain entertainment and provide demo tapes for you to watch(in some cases). We will also negotiate contracts from pricing to transportation. Save yourself the trouble of overloading your meeting planners and allow LocoLobo Corporate Events to be your booking agency for convention entertainment and any of your other needs.


Our agency is bonded so that you can feel secure and safe when planning and booking special talents, musicians, D.J.'s and live entertainment on line.

We are fully
and bonded
      Corporate entertainers offer far more to your audience than you would think at first glance. At an intimate venue such as a corporate VIP party or smaller meeting, a celebrity band or sports figure may be onstage just a few feet away from the audience, an experience that will thrill your attendees. Motivational speakers are able to offer inspiration or impart wisdom to your company's best asset: people. Comedians can help your attendees to unwind after a long day of meetings or break the ice among strangers.
      At, our talent pool is practically bottomless. We are mediators, so we do not represent any one artist. Instead, we represent you, the client, to bring you the best prices and most profitability for your event. Fully insured and bonded, we can negotiate among artists, their agents, or their management teams. We will handle the details so you can focus on your business.
      We offer peace of mind as a bonus! We understand that you have other tasks to handle, so allow us to take care of the entertainment. When you hire, you are hiring experts with a successful track record and hundreds of satisfied clients. For more information, please continue to browse our site, or feel free to contact us with questions.
      We at LocoLobo Events are mediators. This means we do not represent any one artist. By doing this are we able to concentrate on using our expertise, entertainment buying power to get you the best possible deal, negotiating between artists, management companies and agents. We represent you, the client, to bring you a joyful and profitable experience.
      We are committed to providing a comprehensive and successful production. Because of this we are able to bring first time inquirers, as well as seasoned promoters, a profitable outcome for your venue, corporate party, fundraiser, wedding, festival, fair or any special event.
      We are the largest entertainment mediator corp in NY state, so let Locoloco Events fulfill your dream! Fill out our Find Talent Form and one of our professional mediator agents will contact you promptly. Don't hesitate to call us for some free advice. Let's get the show rolling!

Locoloboevents is a mediator company, designed for the purpose of Booking Entertainment for the interested Talent Buyer. We cannot help you contact particular artists and we do not have schedule or other information about particular artists. Fans should refer to official artist websites for such information.

Let us help you with our skills as a: Artist Booking Agent, Band Booking Agent, Business Event Planner, Casino Entertainment Booking, Celebrity Booking Agent, Corporate Entertainers, Event Planning And Production, Fundraising Entertainment, Music Booking Agent, Resort Entertainment Booking Agency, Special Event Entertainment, Talent Booking Agent.

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